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Spirituality and Religiosity

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Spirituality and religiosity are two, entirely different states of being. Actually to be concise spirituality is a state of being. Religiosity is a set of rules to guide ones life. Simply stated, one really does not have anything to do with each other.

Religiosity derives from the term religiose, meaning excessive, obtrusively and or sentimentally religious. While spirituality means the quality or the state of being spiritual; of, relating to, and consisting of or affecting the spirit. Religiosity will affect the spirit of the person having the others beliefs related to them. Ones spirituality will affect the person giving and receiving its fruits.

Religion was not what God the creator meant for man to do with the information that he provided us with. The Word of God, the bible, was written to guide us, spiritually, in our lives. Religion forces the letter of the law upon people, pointing the out the sins with the Elders fingers in the face of God’s child. When the Word clearly states that the New covenant was put in place by Jesus’ reconciliation of humanity to God the Father. In layman’s terms; Jesus died on the cross, fulfilling the prophesies of the Old Testament.
Still we continue to adhere to the law of the Ten Commandments  Yet that covenant is now obsolete. If the ten commandments are something that continues to make you feel comfortable we can look at it this way. When salvation was procured by Jesus, His blood cleansed us of all that is contrary to God, making us pure as snow. Anything that is contrary to God is considered sin. Man did not determine this God did. That being done, by Jesus, He gave the two new commandments , in Matthew 12:29-31. They say that God is [number] one, and it directs one to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. The other, Matthew explains, is similar to the first, to love your neighbor as yourself. These verses also make clear that they are before and are greater then any previous commandments.

Religion continues to use scripture to develop doctrine in the church community. Therefore instead of fostering a relationship with our creator, it establishes rules to abide, in hopes that the creator will see us worthy. Again the bible clearly states that we must have faith to please God, that works, alone, will not garner His affections. Religion does not require faith, it essentially devours faith, focusing on what one does. Thusly opposing faith and belief.

Spirituality is a state of being. Being with the spirit, allowing the spirit [of God] to guide our life. The Spiritual being continues to use the Word of God, differently though. One reads the bible, knowing [believing] that God will reveal His meaning, to us. The spiritual lives their beliefs, it’s a lifestyle. They do not compromise the Word of God, their belief is their religion. When we approach our beliefs with the intentions of developing a relationship with the deity, rather than a fear of the deity, we are then able to see ourselves as the child of God. Essentially God’s original intent before the creation of our world.

Religion does not allow us to reconcile ourselves to a loving God. It continually points out all of our character flaws. However spirituality allows us to come to God as His son or daughter. When we call out to Him, He sees us as Jesus, cleansed and without flaw. When we know this in our soul [mind] and let it drop to our heart [where the spirit lives], that this creator loves us, religiosity transforms itself into spirituality.

You see God knew us all before the foundations of the world. He chose all of us and loved us enough to give us free will, to choose His love. The bible tells us that He came to testify to the of God’s love. We were created by and for love. Paul said “about these things there is now law.”

1 John 4:10 says it beautifully.

” In this love, not that we loved God, but that He first loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

In the conclusion of these, Religiosity and Spirituality, we are forced to understand that religion promotes an angry God for one to fear. Fear cannot create, in any manner love, the two are contrary to one another.  While one may form a spiritual relationship that while it’s foundation is love, respect and obedience become a choice, creating a strong, impenetrable house, that one can reside in, comfortable and safe.

Religiosity and spirituality are in enmity toward one another. One cannot meet the other in the middle, they are polar opposites. We can, however, choose the safety of control or the safety of love and choice. That was God’s intended gift of Grace and Free will. Choose life.

Author: Hopeannfaith

Welcome, I'm Andrea ... HOPEannFAITH ... I write and take pictures as a way of expression. These are gifts given by a loving and indulgent Father, to a headstrong and stubborn daughter, with much to say. A semi-retired social worker/secretary, I now call myself a writer. I've published one internet article and written many blog posts. However, publishing does not make one a writer, anymore than taking a box camera to the park makes one a photographer. What makes one who and what they are? Well God for one ... formed me before the foundations of this world (Psalm 139); and many, many years after putting away my passion for wordsmithing and picture taking He gave it back ... in droves. I am a culmination of my choices and experiences. It is here that my experiences color the world in print and color. It is my goal to reach just one soul a day with love ... encouragement ... understanding or just letting that soul know that they are not alone where they are today. This is about creating ~ all of it. Creating a HOLY and SACRED place where the ugly truth can be healed and the beauty of a moment or a tear can brighten a day for the experience. Why HOPEannFAITH? Hopeannfaith is my inner child, and she is maturing, as she should have done all along. She is learning all about how Faith fulfills Hope. She is learning how to live. HOPEannFAITH ~ the wonder twins all wrapped up in one, me. These are my Journey Journals ~ written and visual. I welcome your company. I welcome your friendships. My Journey is in the light ~ although I have and will share the shadowy corners and the dark ~ so you know that you are never alone there. If we hold hands in the dark, and we walk, side by side, through the shadow, we will reach the Light together. In relationship with one another and with the Light. Blessings.

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