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Colossians; He [God] made peace with everything…this includes you!

More wonderful revelation from the book of Colossians. As before I encourage you to read this little Epistle…forget that it is a letter to the Church of Colossi. Read it as a letter Father God wrote directly to you, and remember to endear it to your heart and spirit as you would a love letter from the love of your life! This will empower your mind and spirit!

Colossians 1:20-21

20 and through him God reconciled
      everything to himself.
   He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth
      by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.

 21 This includes you who were once far away from God. You were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions.

What a relief! He made peace with who I would be centuries later.

I can only speak for myself, and I was far away from God just last week. You ask how does a mature Christian get far away from God? Can one be far away from God when you are in church, fellowship, prayer and reading the Word?

I can tell you, absolutely, that it can be done! Whenever we become overwhelmed with the world, offense, anger and grief, we begin to lose site of our salvation. We are human, and the human condition is a thing that our creator has experienced. Therefore, He understands how He built us. The trick you ask.

This is the trick, when one remains in the Word and fellowship with God one is able to make a short work of the negative effects of the world and emotions. I must confess that it feels like a slow motion act of torture while you are in it, but that is part of the deception.

Deception you ask…yes the deception of the enemy! If God reconciled us to Himself to us by the blood of the Cross, if He mad peace with everything, including us, then anything negative is a deception. Not a concept  of deception, a genuine real and palpating deception. A deception that overwhelms the spirit by using our mind [soul] to bind us from this simple understanding.

It is our time in fellowship, renewal and the Word that allows us to bring up the Word to counter our carnal understanding. Carnal understanding! Sounds ominus, right! It isn’t really, it’s just our human nature screaming in our heads that we have to handle the negative. Having soaked, obediently in the Word and presence of the Lord, we are able to bring our mind and emotions into line with the will of God!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. That was taken care of by the blood of the Cross. Seriously! Read this scripture again, as affirmation from God to your spirit.

These verses should be comforting your heart and spirit. If it is a slow process read it reapeatedly until your head allows your spirit allows it to sink deeply into you. The Word of God, when allowed to become apart of us, it is alive!, our understanding illuminates within us, and we are able to fight off the negativity of our world and circumstances like we have a force field.

Do I have some hard times with this? Oh yes my friend I do. However, I have fought the urges of my humanity and continues in the instruction I have received. If you are receiving no instruction my advice, if I may, is to get into a Bible based church that instructs with truth and only the Word. It is about discipline that I apply to my life. I have made the decision to walk with the Lord and not in the world. An ominus venture, but worth every step.

Here is a prayer to get into you. Practice it, say it out loud, repeatedly! Comfort yourself with this prayer.

“Thank you Father that you Sent the Word, and that the Word healed and delivered me from destruction. Thank You that I cannot be destroyed.”

 In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

Blessings Everyone!