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God’s Faithfulness ~ Praising Him Continually!

Psalm 21:31
I pray the God, the source of hope, will fill you {and ME} completely with joy and peace because you {and I} TRUST HIM. The you {and I} will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.




Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.


God's Gift to Me.

GodI prayed on November 11th and I chose my affirmation for the week. I chose this from the Artist's Way basic principals, along with a scripture that God illuminated for me that same morning! The scripture is a prayer, a Psalm. Since I chose to meditate here, on these things, my life has improved exponentially in a matter of days!These two, the affirmation and the Psalm, they spoke exactly the same things to me. I know that revelation to me does not necessarily make sense to anyone else. However, on the off chance that it will reach just one spirit within one of you, I need to share!Faith, you see, gives the things hoped for substance. Faith does not work without hope! Has anyone noticed my name here. Okay! ok, I know you have! LOL!The Revelation {for me} was:In 4 very short days, when I determined these gems to be where I would stand in faith, God moved His mighty hand for me and in me! As a formerly confessed orphaned adult child of living parents, it was in this move of the Father that I have experienced the safe contentment of a loved and protected child. Something I have never before experienced. For those of you who are new to my life was very hard, even traumatic. There are those who wonder at my ability to survive and breath in my experiences. I don't know, anymore, if the trauma my siblings and I endured, still endure at times, is that dramatic. I only have the reactions of those with which I have shared to gauge it. I do know that we all experience trauma and drama in our lives. So I share. For those who do not, yet, know that they are not alone.So, I can safely say that God has fulfilled my safety concerns, with the Hand of a loving and protective parent. If He does this for me, He will do it for anyone, He will do it for Everyone!In the last few months my personal, emotional and mental safety have been a concern, within me. At this moment, I know that I know, that Father God has put that issue to bed. I am protected within the shelter of His wings! I fear, no longer, those who do not know, who may pass innocent or malice judgements. I am sheltered from the offenses of others, who do not know. It is truth, that scripture that states: The Truth will set you free. Just the knowing of the truth sets one afloat in freedom.In the last 24 hours I have been lifted out of a deep depression. I have reached out and Looked Up for the healing of an infection, that took hold overnight. God provided the things needed for these maladies over 2000 years ago, and through prayer, meditation and Faith I harnessed them and have been victorious. I did all that I knew to do. I prayed, I meditated, I believed and I sought the best medicine I could aquire at this time. Everything came to rest in perfect order for me. Just for me! No depression, not even the residual afterthoughts of the pit. The infection is nolonger painful, and is healing within me. My first antibiotic was thankgiving to God, the second was chemical. The Gift! Yes I received a gift as well! Isn't that awesome!The gift was absolute clarity. Clarity that my faith in God and my determined spirit, to remain in that faith no matter what, would return to me my voice. I was able to minister to a dear friend with clarity and effectively. Settling her sorrowful spirit even if just for a time. I was able to bring a Word from the Lord to a friend, who is not always receptive, due to her own spiritual gifts. I believe that Word was received.These were my gifts! So much more fulfilling than material things in a box. Fantasically God, in the life of a woman who, 3 years ago, decided to live as closely within the Word of God as she was able... while in that life, the immediate effect of that decision caused cataclysmic upheaval...finding for the first time actual sorrow and saddness... Awesomely God showered favor and clarity...granted voice, permission to speak the testamony and the knowledge provided by the Holy Spirit, through the humbled woman!This Humble woman... This Humble woman...


I felt a shift within me. While I have always been blessed with being permitted to her God’s voice audibly, He has actually given me more clarity in realizing His presence in me.
1. the shift: this is the trigger that alerts me to  the knowledge, within me, that I have broken through a battle victorious!
2. the expansion: the trigger confirming for me, that what I am speaking forth, what I am testifying to, what I am ministering is sanctioned by God. That it is His Word, as He would have me speak it, at the time!
I feel awed and honored to have been given these tools, to check myself in what God has me do. I stand amazed that responsibility in the spirit realm makes things easier. That the responsiblity does not contain the things that make a worldly promotion does, more work, more difficult to do.
 I know that this will discipline my listening and speaking abilities! Another petition I requested at the throne of my Lord!
I have requested the energy to become well and to move. To exercise my body to health. Since that request, just days, I do not desire to sleep all of the time. I am alert and ready to move, even while still healing from the infection that has visited me.
I hope, deeply within me, that this speaks to someone, anyone! If it speaks to you I am happy and encourage you to continue in your journey. We can walk together toward the light, beside the light!
Let me know.
Blessings Everyone!