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Hebrews 7:19 ~ the bringing of a Better Hope.

For the law made nothing perfect; on the other hand, there is the bringing of a better hope, through which we draw near to God.

The Living Bible says of Hebrews 7:19

It [the law] never made anyone really right with God. But now we have a far better hope, for Christ makes us acceptable to god, and now we may draw near to Him.

In light that everyone of late is viewing the post “Emotional”, I’d like to reveal the better hope for all of that pain and sorrow. I have found that the simple act of drawing near to God creates a peace that assists in the emotional upheavals in our lives.

We truely do have a far better hope, in Christ Jesus. And in faith I stood during that very real time of death and sorrow that my hope of a breakthrough would be forthcoming.

I assure those of you who are finding solace in my posting of my sorrows of this year, that the breakthrough is Christ and the Word of God. Whatever you seek is answered in the books of the bible. God has sent Jesus and then the Spirit of God to soothe our very souls [minds] to easy our reasoning with His instruction to lay all of it at His feet.

God has it all in hand. I promise, and I can because I know that I know He handled my darkness for me. Give Him your pain, your sorrow, and join me in the light.

Blessings All.