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Jeremiah 10:2-4…



Due to my love of Christmas trees [sarcasm], I decided to look at pictures of them. Just to see if I could find a preference.
Surprisingly I do have a preference…its Christmas trees still in the ground and decorated by God.
Found this interesting picture and scripture…just a thought.
Jeremiah 10: 2-4

2 Thus says the LORD:

      “ Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
      Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
      For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.
       3 For the customs of the peoples are futile;
      For one cuts a tree from the forest,
      The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.
       4 They decorate it with silver and gold;
      They fasten it with nails and hammers
      So that it will not topple.