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The residual anxiety continues to plague me…

On the Hopechest blog I posted a page in “Casting my Burdens upon the LOrd” or whatever title in that realm it is…Burdens or Cares. Aren’t they slightly different things or am I indulging in the Literal-ity of things again. I’m going to write my own dictionary someday…I mean this language has been watered down, diminished and revised to be lesser anyway! Why not make up my own stuff…Webster and Merriam have been rolling in their perspective graves for years with what is contained in their volumes of the word!!!

Anyway, I must focus here!

It’s my birthday…hence the tweety glitter I posted for myself. And I have purposed not, NOT, to allow myself to expect the same old life format as I have always expected. And while focusing on the amazing Hand of God in my life…and I am blessed, I know this. I was blindsided by anxiety attacks, severe ones, yesterday. The only way it could have been worse is if I had been driving, especially with the gas prices these days! LOL.

Anywho! Its my birthday and Don gave me a beautiful card…and he wrote:

“We shall do the Impossible This Year!”

As horrible as I physically and emotionally feel from the anxiety hangover, this is the most wonderful thing I could have received.

My husband, a wonderfully intelligent and gentle man, is also very quiet.  His emotions are always something I am left to define on my own, and I am not good at it. I make up for it in communicating what I am defining this as, so that he can correct me if I am wrong.

A quiet man...says much!

A quiet man...says much!

So as I deal, as quietly as possible, with this anxiety hangover, I will dwell upon my husbands words. Because I love it when he is profound and answers my questions without me having to ask. And what he wrote and the entirety of the card he chose confirms our choices of late, in the Lord. And because the words he gave me for my birthday sound just like these words that I have been enthralled with!:

step out into the Irresistible Future with Him.” ~ Oswald Chambers

Thank you, I think I will.

Blessings to all of you from me to you on my birthday! =)