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Tell Me…Does My Quest to Health Include Cheese Cake???? :/


Wouldn’t you know temptation has come to my house!  fof

My oldest son is a pastry chef! Not only that the man can cook too! I am blessed that he remains at home at this time. Both of my boys are a tremendous help to me when I am not well. They are not always willing and happy about it, they do have lives of their own. But at the end of the day, they are there for this family!

Any way! The temptation. James goes to a home group on Thursday nights. He got ambitious and decided to make Strawberry Cheese Cake!  Be cautious I am going to give the recipe right here…this is a smooth, wonderful restaurant style cheese cake made right here in my out of date kitchen and old electric oven.

It was wonderful as only Cheese Cake can be! Imagine how wonderful the taste and texture would have been in a professional kitchen. Ultimately the taste and texture was outstanding…fresh ingredients, Plump beautiful Strawberries 



Read the rest of this post before grabbing the recipe and running to the store…LOL.

Cheese Cake:

41/2 lbs Cream Cheese  ( we used 1/2 Philadelphia and 1/2 store brand to be frugal)

8 0z Sugar ~ creamed with cream cheese

9 Eggs         add in stages scraping sides after each stage for complete integration

6 Egg yokes   same instructions as above

8 oz.  Sour cream – add and scrape

12 0z. Heavy Cream  – add and scrape

2 cups Fresh Strawberries

Butter standard round cake pan and dust with graham cracker crumbs. Pour in batter.

Bake at   350°  for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Transfer to freeze to cool for approximately one hour. Turn onto serving plate ( cover with wax paper then plate, turn out. Place serving plate, flip, remove wax paper and return to refrigerator to firm up).


Here is the fun part! James put all of this together and then realized he was using the restaurant measurements! The product was 4 Cheese Cakes!

Now cut that recipe ladies right in half!!!

Here is the photos of the cakes that stayed at home…one fell, just like a souffle that heard a loud crash…flavor still outstanding!

James' Homemade Cheese Cake

James' Homemade Cheese Cake

The Deconstruction of Cheesecake!

The Deconstruction of Cheesecake!

The One that Fell!  YUMMMMMMM....

The One that Fell! YUMMMMMMM....

Well I did enjoy a couple of pieces of this lovely dessert. I am one blessed mother! And I will avoid too much indulgence, I still determine to be completely healthy asap…but that does not mean I cannot enjoy food, as well. Every thing in moderation, right?  Right! Ladies please….  😉


Author: Hopeannfaith

Welcome, I'm Andrea ... HOPEannFAITH ... I write and take pictures as a way of expression. These are gifts given by a loving and indulgent Father, to a headstrong and stubborn daughter, with much to say. A semi-retired social worker/secretary, I now call myself a writer. I've published one internet article and written many blog posts. However, publishing does not make one a writer, anymore than taking a box camera to the park makes one a photographer. What makes one who and what they are? Well God for one ... formed me before the foundations of this world (Psalm 139); and many, many years after putting away my passion for wordsmithing and picture taking He gave it back ... in droves. I am a culmination of my choices and experiences. It is here that my experiences color the world in print and color. It is my goal to reach just one soul a day with love ... encouragement ... understanding or just letting that soul know that they are not alone where they are today. This is about creating ~ all of it. Creating a HOLY and SACRED place where the ugly truth can be healed and the beauty of a moment or a tear can brighten a day for the experience. Why HOPEannFAITH? Hopeannfaith is my inner child, and she is maturing, as she should have done all along. She is learning all about how Faith fulfills Hope. She is learning how to live. HOPEannFAITH ~ the wonder twins all wrapped up in one, me. These are my Journey Journals ~ written and visual. I welcome your company. I welcome your friendships. My Journey is in the light ~ although I have and will share the shadowy corners and the dark ~ so you know that you are never alone there. If we hold hands in the dark, and we walk, side by side, through the shadow, we will reach the Light together. In relationship with one another and with the Light. Blessings.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me…Does My Quest to Health Include Cheese Cake???? :/

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  3. OH be still my cheesecake loving heart!
    Those look delicious!
    Thanks for the inspiration to get in the kitchen quick!

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