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having had a difficult few weeks…

I have found that I am craving sugar! Sweets…not my usual fare to crave…So to give reason to the maddness I decided to document my craving for french toast on FOF over on Ann Kroeker’s Blog…lame, yet genious in the mind of an emotional menopausal woman…  =}



This could also fulfill the Make – Do – Monday Blog too!  If I had made it on Monday….   =}


So in the effort to create easy french toast…Not only was I ravenous, I was lazy! So this is what I did…with the help of my son Chef James…

A loaf and a half of Pepperidge Farms Raisin Bread…A treat my Grandfather brought me every time I saw him…

I miss Grandpa!

I miss Grandpa!

The only 2 eggs in the house…a half quart of heavy cream…a half cup of brown sugar…a 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon and a pinch of salt…whisk briskly and set aside.


dsc_02031  dsc_0205

Butter baking pan…dish…whatever you put your hands on that can go in the oven…remember I just wanted french toast I was not going for the perfect presentation. I did however use an exceptable baking dish. (this time!)

Layer pieces of raisin bread cover with 1/2 of custard mixture…another layer of bread and cover with the remainder of custard.

Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes…checking after 30; depending on your oven. FYI ~ Don’t walk the dog and take pictures of your daffodils…you will burn the edges! LOL!




Cool and enjoy with a cup of tea or glass of milk…or both! A touch of maple syrup might be nice too! This was delicious for any Sunday breakfast…enjoy!

Happy Good Friday everyone…Enjoy your Resurrection Sunday!