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Isaiah 55 ~ Recalling the Invitiation of God

The Book of Isaiah was Prophesy as most will know.

To quote the NKJ Study Bible:

“In an extraordinary vision of the heavenly court, God Himself called Isaiah to be a messenger to his people.”

The calling was glorious and challenging. Isaiah was charged with confronting the people of Judah with the truth! Even while warning the wicked of a tragic fate, he encourage the repetitent and sorrowing to place their hope in God! Even though the nation would face discipline, salvation would come!

Isaiah means: ” the Lord saves”

Isaiah 55 is an invitation to Abundant Life.

It is God, a loving Father, speaking to His children to return. There are 2 invitations in the beginning of Isaiah 55…to come to the Lord and participate in the blessings of David. The Davidic kingdom. And to seek the Lord and receive the pardon of sin. Because God’s grace is unfathomable the promise is guaranteed.

I chose to memorize Isaiah 55 for two reasons.

I am in a season in my life where I desire only the Word of God in reference to any area of my life.  I have been blessed with the ability to audibly hear God’s voice, and like the scripture say…His sheep will hear His voice. This is one way I know He loves me special! I can hear Him! I used to think it was because I was so very stubborn, but now, in my spirit, I know it is because my life has been such that I was graced with this lovely and very loving gift.

Secondly, when our associate Pastor began her series on Hearing the Voice of God; the first few passages of this chapter were referred to as God speaking! That was on July 1st…and I had decided to spend the week reading the passages that she had used for a foundation for these messages. So there it was, God’s voice again, choosing what I would spend the month doing in His word.

I can only imagine what I will gain in this study and memorization. I am quite excited about it! So as I ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me while I listen to God speak I expect the heavens to impart peace and understanding.  In it I hope to find a deeper understanding of my salvation and a quieter, more humble personality in the Lord.

We Have God's His Voice!

We Have God's His Voice!

Isaiah 55

1 Come all you who are everyone who is thirsty, come to the waters; and you without money, come, buy and eat! Come buy, and eat  wine and milk without money and without cost.

This is my progress today…I try to read the chapter several times a day…then I will begin to write it down repeatedly once or twice a day…that is my memorization process…However, there are a few ladies who participate who have awesome methods of memorization, and quite impressed me with their video and audio presentations of their pieces in January! Here is one such method from Amy on her blogspot Lavendar *Sparkles*

In expectation of huge things I move forward!   mmmsplat2