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No One Will Convince Me That MY GOD IS ANYTHING BUT FAITHFUL! ~ Our Testamony!


Cotton Candy Clouds...No Rain in Sight!

Cotton Candy Clouds...No Rain in Sight!

My husband and I have been standing on faith in all areas of our lives for many years now! Back and forth we go, encouraging each other and praying in unity, as best a couple who pray differently can.

And God has honored our diligence many times…seriously. Yet life continues to move forward.

God has brought back to me, the last few weeks, a beautiful scripture that will just put the most worried heart at rest. That is if one choses to let it be revealed to them…

Psalm 138:8

8 The LORD will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

This just warms all of my heart, with a rise of the Holy Spirit within me, when I read it! Particularly on a day like today.

A Hutchinson Testamony!

We have owned our house for 15 years. After the purchase we realized that renovation was going to be a life long task. The age of the house alone, along with the camoflaged disrepair, has become a source of ignored disappointment and many times discouragement.

Many have heard, and countless have repeated, my sanguine telling of the fires and the floods at 19 Chapel!

When the house was purchased Don loved it…and he still does! This was revealed to me when I became vocal about my willingness to buy a home that would be easier to deal with. And at first I was not willing.

You see, this was one of my husbands deep dreams and desires, to be a homeowner. And for me, it fulfilled a real need for a home of my own that I could not be removed from or kicked out from. Quickly, this was a deep seeded desire for security that began in childhood and compounded into my adulthood.

Suffice it to say, that at the beginning, we were in love with they house and the fact that we had a home. We had yet to encounter God, that would come 8 years later.

Now it is 9 years from the 8th year encounter with God! And God is faithfully answering prayers and providing security and showing favor to us, in all areas of our lives!

I have to take a moment to give God all the Honor and Glory for all He has done in our lives! Praise God!

Today; July 20, 2009 with many financial situations looming ahead of us God has once again put My Godly husband and I to awe and shock!!!!!!!! ( I wish I had control over the fonts right now!)

Don came home from work at lunch time today…which he never and which he knows drives me nuts and him to laughing. because my first reaction is concern and then scolding…to get a package shipped for e-bay.

While we were filling out labels and I was telling him I didn’t want to go to the post office he sat down and said, very seriously…

” I need to discuss something with you, and God. And, I need you two to stop ganging up on me!”

My response was ” What…..with that whine sound we do when we haven’t done anything of late!”

He went on, “You know what you said when I went to paint the older couples house this Saturday with Men’s Fellowship?”

I admit I knew something big was coming…and began to smile! “Yeah” I said.

Well, with a huge grin and clenched hands ( the opitomy of frustration resulting from joy.) he tells me…

That his boss’ son, a contractor, is coming to measure out the roof (that has desperately needed a total tear down for years!) and roofing friends of his will be doing the roof for “cost” and Don’s boss is paying for it, and we will pay it off in installments!

Think of this!!!!!!!!!!!!

This job was an impossiblity in our lives, our finances!!!! A SERIOUS IMPOSSIBLITY !!!!

I cannot even fathom a more perfect picture for the following promise, than my new roof!!

Matthew 19:26
26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

In the natural it appeared that we would be, literally, weathering another winter with a poor roof….and wammo God steps in and fulfills His Promise!

Now this is not an on time God…
This is a loving God who saw fit to Perfect a serious concern in His children’s lives and tell them about it before the winter weather began…

are you listening…not just before the rain….not in the rain….but before the snow…

On a beautiful, sunny, summer July day! When our concerns were on other things and not my leaking roof. On a glorious day with billowing white cotton candy clouds, on the canvas of a clear blue sky…

Not a thought of a raindrop in sight!

My God put a couple’s heart at ease on a beautiful summer day! Man! He loves us!!!!

There are no words to express this joy! I’ll just have to take a photo of the sky!!!

Is what you are facing looking impossible? Are your concerns something that, in the natural, look like they cannot be perfected?

We are here to tell you, in no uncertainty, that if God does these things for us, the Hutchinsons, He will do them for you too.

Just as big, just as bold, just as amazing!


Blessings my friends!
…many, Many, MANY BLESSINGS!