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MMM Confessions! :)



Hello Fellow Mega Memory Month friends. Hopeannfaith here to confess that she has not been able to spend as much time as needed to memorize the whole of Isaiah 55 , as she would have liked.

July has been a mega month at home and at work.  :/   This is not a comlaint, not at all.

Being the church secretary I can tell you that busy means the Fire of God. The Word and activity that is flowing at RLFC is just, that the very Fire of God! We spent the beginning of the month preparing for a conference we attend each year. And although much of what I personally handled last year was not a burden for me this year, the piece I am responsible for had it’s issues.

The result is more work unto the Lord.

I am at the conference now. I can attest that I am enjoying it so far. Again, the Word flowing is simply God ordained and is speaking to my life. God has been awesome to me. The blessings are abounding and the joy it has brought is hard to put to words. But there will be pictures over on Hopeannfaith’s Hope Chest (my photography blog!).

~~~~~The conference got very busy…as refreshing as it is to attend these conferences, and stay in a hotel! It remains work much of the time. Therefore I am finishing this blog post at home.

 Home is good and busy as well.   A few days before we left for the FCM International Conference on Prevailing Faith in Challenging Times ~ Imminent Breakthroughs, I adopted a 5 year old Red Sable Minature Dachshund. She came from a home that did not like her. Although we do not believe she was abused, the family just could not integrate her into it. Therefore my sweet brandy “Honey” has behavioral issues. She is gaining much ground with acceptance in our home. I know she will do well.

All that said, I have not put the time necessary into memorizing all of my Isaiah 55. I have however spent time with it…it just is not sticking! Yet! I intend to keep with it after the end of the month. I am determined to understand completely, this chapter that invites all of us back to the Father for reconciliation. So I believe I may have some of the first 3 verses in memory, let us see  :/   …

Isaiah 55:1-3

1.Come all you  everyone who are is thirsty, come to the waters; and all you without money, come buy, and eat drink Come, buy milk and wine, with no without money, at no and without cost! at all.

2. Why do you spend money on what is not food; and your wages on what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to m  Me, and eat what is good and you will enjoy the choicest of  foods.

3. Pay attention to Me and come to Me; so that you will live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you, the promises assured to David.

Well I guess I have some of it! Like I said I intend to keep at it.

I am very impressed with those of you who had multiple memorization goals!

I don’t know what I have planned for the end of the week…maybe an appropriate photo with the 3 verses!  I am enamored with these three verses! Satisfaction without cost, the choicest of foods (the Word of God), everlasting life and a covenant and the promises of God. Not just any promises either, but those reserved for King David! A man after God’s own heart….Oh how  He Loves Us.

That reminds me of a wonderful song sung, at the conference, by the Youth Worship Team from Faith Outreach Church in Orlando, Florida! Here is a video of the original singer Kim Walker:

I hope you enjoy it.

So that is it my friends! My month got away from me, like much of the summer did, with all that has occurred!  Such is life, and what a wonderful life God has given me!

many, Many, MANY Blessings to all of you!