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Solitary Mondays

Solitary Mondays

Mondays have become an issue for me. I am finding that I become depressed on Mondays again.

While I continue to force myself to be productive, the sad and low feeling is not lifting much. I want to sleep, and I don’t want to get out of my pj’s. I hope, regularly, that no one will call or worse, come over. It is terrible.

I wonder if it is because I have been out of my vitamins for several weeks. Basically just the Biotin, Women’s Multi and the supplement for my skin and hair…can they really have such an effect. Because if I think about it, I feel low if I am not fully occupied by a task.

On the upswing of this…I have begun to clean house regularly. Some may find this odd, that it is such a big deal, but for me it is, and it’s a long story.  I see to it that the kitchen is clean and all the dishes are done each night. I am making dinner myself at least 4 out of 7 nights. And I am keeping my area from becoming cluttered with books and papers. Laughably this is huge for me.

I dread becoming depressed again! I refuse to become depressed again! I will not fall into this, yet I am having a very hard time on Mondays! And it’s my day off!!!!

I do love my job though…so being off is not that big a deal in the I hate my job sense! =)

So what to do? Do you have any pick me up suggestions? I welcome those who would share with me their tips to raise the low spirits! Leave them in the comments section…let us help one another here. Who knows yours may cheer my spirit and those of others!

It is true that when we help one another it frees God up to help us !

Here is a prayer that I am using for this…

I thank You now, Father God, that you lift me up when I am bowed down. I am strong in my Lord and my heart takes courage. I am established on righteousness, the right standing in conformity with your will and order. I am far from the thought of oppression or destruction and I do not fear! I am far from terror and it shall not come near to me.

Father I thank You for our thoughts and plans for my welfare and peace. My mind is stayed upon You, for I will not allow myself to become agitated, disturbed or intimidated, cowardly and unsettled, any longer!

In Jesus, I loose my mind from wrong thinking. I tear down the strongholds that have allowed bad perceptions. I submit to You, Father, and I resist fear, discouragement, self-pity and depression. I will not give place to the enemy in my thoughts. I will not harbor resentment or hold onto anger. I surround my self with praises for You and shouts of deliverance from this lowness. I will continue to overcome by the word of my testamony and the blood of Christ.


Scriptures against depression:

Psalm 9:9-10                                       Ephesians 4:27

Psalm 42:5-11                                     Luke 4:18-19

Psalm 146:8                                          2 Timothy 1:7

Psalm 31:22-24                                   1 Corinthians 2:16

Isaiah 35:3-4                                        Philippians 2:5

Isaiah 50:10                                         Hebrews 12:12-13

Jeremiah 29:11-13                             Isaiah 60:1

Isaiah 26:3                                            Galatians 60:1

Jon 14:27                                              Nehemiah 8:10

James 4:7

Blessings! I think writing this helped a little! Hope to hear from y’all! =)