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Praying God’s Word ~ Beth Moore

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Breaking Strongholds
Breaking Strongholds

I bought a new book that is confirming my prayer style. After reading Andrew Wommack’s a Better Way to Pray, as many may know, I began to pray only God’s Word.

Having been taught over and over again, by the Word and by my Spiritual leaders, I finally came to the conclusion that one cannot pray God’s Word incorrectly! Repeating back God’s promises to Him has a twofold effect.
1. It causes one to have communion/communication with the Father without interruption. Mainly because we are speaking His language and His words.
2. It pulls God’s Word from our heads into our hearts. Praying God’s Word settles matters in our heart, in the natural, and in the spiritual.
Having realized this prior to purchasing my new treasure, many breakthroughs and prayers have come into being. They were literally prayed into the natural from the open heaven where they were stored for me and my family!
In Praying God’s Word, Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds, Beth Moore’s introduction caused me to reread it to my husband in tremendous excitement! In his quiet manner he agreed that this was confirmation of what we had begun to do and to receive. I was even more excited by his agreement.
All I can say here is that unity, Godly unity, in a marriage is electric. It courses through the spirit, the veins through the heart and into the home! It is tremendous. One knows, as it is ignited, that heaven is the limit for one’s life as this specific unity is achieved.
The Word says that “two or more in agreement”; 2 Corinthian 13:1 “This is the third time I am coming to you. On the testimony of two or three witnesses every word will be confirmed”.
Every word will be confirmed!!!! I am here to testify to that!
When God’s Unity enters a marriage that is the three in witness, God (the Trinity), Husband and Wife. Confirming God’s Word, His  promises, His mercies… His all… of it. It is an immeasurably vast promise in a marriage and must be maintained, diligently! The good news…Once marital unity is developed in Christ, maintaining that unity is helped by the simple acts that brought the couple to that unity. Staying in and Praying the Word…you are already trained and maintenance is profoundly simple.
Back to Beth Moore’s Book! Having only completely read the Introduction and the first two chapters I have an excitement about what is to come.
I was shocked by much that I had already attained on my own mission to only pray God’s Word. I simply came to be in this place so that I could speed up my maturity and breakthroughs. Many of my Church family had become weary and I was concerned that I would get there, and wanted to delay and avoid that place, frankly. Yet she by the second chapter brought me to a question that I must attend to in my life.
Beth says that she came to a place in here life where God was repeatedly bringing the same Word/Question to her. As an active Christian, I find that God does this often. IT is a comforting reaffirmation, most times, that one is hearing God. However, there are the times when in our Spirit we know that God is directing us to a thing that needs attention. That thing is most times a stronghold. Like Beth, I could not get this one out of my head, and heart, to be transparent.
With credit to Beth Moore and God, alone, I will share with you a familiar passage of the determined Christian’s life:
 Several weeks passed, and I still didn’t get it. Finally one morning even Oswald Chambers had the audacity to bring up the subject in thaqt day’s entry of, My Utmost for His Highest. I looked up  and exclaimed, ‘ What is this all about?’ I sensed the Holy Spirit  speaking to my heart, ‘Beth, I want you to believe me.’ I was appalled. ‘Lord,’ I answered ‘ Of course I believe in You. I’ve believed in You all my life.’ I felt He responded very clearly. Adamantly. ‘ I didn’t ask you to believe in Me. I asked you to believe Me.
I sat very puzzled for several moments until I was certain that the Holy Spirit had faithfully shed light on my pitifully small faith. I sensed Him saying, ‘My child, you believe Me for so little. Don’t be so safe in the things you pray. Who are you trying to keep from looking foolish? Me or you?’
~~Beth Moore
Like Beth, that has changed my life for the last two days…and counting. Dramatically. 
I see myself as very strong in faith. My friends and family have stated that they rely upon my faith, and pridefully I have enjoyed that. Reasoning in my head that somehow I was strengthening their faith with my strong faith. Well, we all know that we all get the same measure of faith, therefore if they rely upon mine, they are not growing in Christ, and…if I am not showing them how I got where I am (with the Word), then I am standing in prideful judgement of their lack of faith, while strutting mine…or something along those lines.
So, I believe in God. I’ve made the common Christian term, “I know that I know…”, and the like. However, do I believe God? I must ask myself this for two reasons.
1. It is impossible to please God without faith.
2. Because this concept has not left my heart and soul for two days…
Beth tells us in her book, “Believing God is never more critical than when we have strongholds that need demolishing. Believing God is  rarely more challenging.”
Because we, ourselves, have battled these strongholds for years and years to little or no avail. Even in our measly little successes we don’t completely demolish the entire stronghold. Often times leaving remnants of the fortress, in fragments, here and there. Therefore leaving us feeling useless and deprecating. Even as Christians we feel this way, though we ‘know that we know’ we are none of these things in Christ.
We can believe in Him, allowing surface faith. Or…we can have the breakthrough! However, we must believe Him.
“You do have what it takes. You have Jesus-the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You MUST Believe Him. Believe HE can do what He says He can do. Believe HE is WHO He says He is. And BELIEVE who He says YOU are!” ~ Beth Moore
I’ll leave you with a prayer from the book, about Overcoming Unbelief (chapter 2); saying a prayer like this daily will assist you in beginning to renew your mind in the area of belief.
Specifically Believing God…
Father God,
Your Word declares that we, Your people, are Your witnesses and Your servants whom You have chosen, that we may know and believe You and understand that You are He. Before You no god was formed, nor will there be one after You. (Isaiah 43:10) You have chosen me, God, for the express purpose of knowing and believing You. I can’t really begin to know You until I choose to believe You. I can’t really begin to know You until I choose to believe You! Make me a person of belief, Lord. AMEN.
Praying this way will begin to help us to believe God at His Word. It will help us to line up our thoughts and beliefs with God.
I leave you here with blessings and the encouragement to put your hands on this book and these concepts in your spirit. Next I hope to convey in words my awe at the concept of demolishing strongholds…How demolition in the natural correlates to demolition in the spiritual.
Blessings!         =)

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