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No Thing Can Seperate Me from the Love of God ♥ † ♥ † ♥

Quality Time with God...

Good Morning~or should I say afternoon?   🙂

I spent my morning with God, as usual. I am happy to say that it has become such an integral part of my day that if I miss it, or cut it shorten than God would have it, I actually feel it. My intimate time with God has become as important, or more important, really, than my time with my husband and friends. Like I have stressed before, it sets a tone for my day, and without my date with Father, my intimate relationships with my husband, children and friends are greatly affected. It is nolonger the caffeine that causes me to rise…it is the Spirit of God from which this woman arises each morning.

That is the most wonderful feeling. Words are simply not sturdy enough a vessel to hold what this feels like long enough to express it fully.   ♥

Like yesterday, I am still deciphering all I received from Father at the FCM Women’s Conference that our church hosted this past weekend. This morning God expounded on all that He has given me that last several weeks. Each installment that He gives brings clearly to understanding these days. Making it easy to apply it to my life; and see the areas in which He simply put things into being and effect; without any work on my part.

Yesterday I tried, as best I could, to explain that certain things were given or graced to us; and that they are ours to own. We OWN them. Two of these is Health and Healing.

The first devotional I received this morning was from one of the many sites that simply send you a scripture each morning; this one was from

1 Chronicles 16:11      Search for the LORD and for His strength; continually seek Him.

Quite simply this scripture discribes my lifesyle, now. I have put this into practice and the effects are coming to light as I type! I urge those of you searching for God’s hand in your day to day life to begin to spend time, daily, with God…first thing if you are able. I would tell you though that I began doing this last thing at night; it was the only time in my day that I could (maybe would) allot to God. As I became obedient to and dependant upon this time with Father, He changed my schedule to accomidate what He intended to be our relationship.

That being said, I will get to todays point. Nothing ~ NO THING ~ can seperate us from the Love of God. Once again, in several weeks, He set me in Romans 8:38-39; and at His urging, once again, I will put it here…

I am convinced that nothing can ever seperate us from His love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to seperate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My focus with God has been my physical health; for quite awhile.  I am a mature Christian, I believe and have been told. I understand the concepts and precepts of God and His Word. However, each of us get to a revelation or an inner knowledge when we are supposed to. Things, circumstances and people have molded our minds; eventually affecting our personalities. How and where we are brought up; circumstances and situaltions of this upbringing; and the love or lack of love from those who raised us; changes us, we think. Does it; or do these things lead us directly to where God would have us be.

The concept is that God allows, does not cause, those things that are not of Him, because of free will. Whether that be the free will of a parent or an abuser or ourselves and our choices is neither here nor there. We get through these things because of God. The semantics of this no longer causes me pause. I now look into my past and on into my future with the knowledge that I am not, was not and cannot be seperated from the love of God. Therefore whatever is in my path, no matter who I love and lose, no matter what; there is something I need to know there.

Health. As I have told my readers I am obese. Most of my life it did not effect me, not physically, emotionally or even relationally. However, when I landed in my 40’s I began to feel it. Physically first and then, oddly I feel, emotionally. I had started to feel heavy; or should I say I began to distinctly feel the heaviness I was carrying each day.

There is scripture that say do not touch God’s anointed. This means that one is never to harm, in anyway, God’s anointed. It goes on to discribe who these “anointed” are. His shepards, prophets and teachers…etc.

Let me see; looking at the list, you don’t find yourself, do you? I attribute that to the translations. You and I are one of these anointed! I assure you, we, both fall into the category. Therefore no one is to touch or harm us, His beloveds. Now pay close attention! We are not permitted to touch or harm His anointed. You would never, you cry, so did I…until I realized that if I fell into these anointed I could not harm myself!!!! That is right! If we have chosen Christ as our Lord and Savior; if we have become Born Again, in Christ, we are nolonger permitted to harm or disparage ourselves!!!

OH MY! What exactly does that mean? That simply means those things we do to and think about ourselves must stop. No matter what we see in the mirror, or that person we love so deeply says we are or are not; no matter what we must learn to see ourselves as God sees us. We MUST begin to see ourselves as God’s Beloved! To me this is just beautiful.

Beloved and Well-beloved means: dearly loved, dear to the heart,sincerely and deeply loved, sincerely respected!

WOW! That is how God sees us! This is who we are to Him…AMAZING!!

This changes everything for me. He knew years, months, weeks ago that I would reach this understanding. He put things in place that would happen prior to this understanding that would come directly to mind to illustrate that He had begun implementing things in my life that would reinforce the revelations of yesterday and today!

We are taught, often, to apply the Word of God to our lives, which I have done, to the best of my ability. When we begin to do this; like my mornings with God; and then sharing what I have learned and been given; God begins to apply His precepts and principals in our lives for us.

Often we are taught that God has done all He is going to do. That it is up to us to have faith and apply that faith and the Word to and in our lives. That He is not coming down to lend a hand…the is the biggest untruth!

Yes He has provided all we need for life; and that life more abundantly. Everything needed for life has been provided. However, when your child begins to do the right things, do you not come alongside that child and assist? Do you not step in and physically and emotionally show them you are willing to do these things too?

Well so does our loving Father God.

So what are you doing today to yourself, or saying to yourself that is harming you? I beg you to STOP right now, forgive yourself, because God has already! and pray with me…

Now, I’m going to fill my sin in, in bold….you place yours there…ok?

Father, I confess OBESITY as sin before you. I recognize it as sin, because it harms me, and I repent of it and ask you to forgive me of it and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. According to your word, I receive forgiveness and cleansing right now, in Jesus’ name. Today I forgive myself and release myself from all guilt and shame knowing that Jesus bore my shame on the cross ~ therefore I refuse to bear it ~ I am free and forgiven from this moment on ~ I will never pick up the guilt again, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This prayer is important because you must choose to forgive yourself or you cannot move forward. Because God’s mercies are new each morning and He wants you to succeed and prosper more than you even want to, yourself. That is His plan!

We can have peace that passes all understanding through any circumstances, if we keep our minds stayed on God!

** circumstances do not change God’s plan and purpose for me; unless I allow it!

So how did I attain this level of understanding? I got to the next level ~ literally this weekend because I:

  • Believed God
  • Forgave myself
  • and

Nahum 1:9 is an interesting scripture that I found in one of my devotionals this morning.

  What do you  [the enemy] conspire against the Lord? He [GOD] will make an UTTER END to it! Affliction will not rise up a second time.

Like the scripture in my post yesterday this reinforces that when we put the things in our lives, that are contrary to God and His Word, away from us, they cannot return again! We do this by feeding on God’s word.


Here is where I received my confirmations today: JfH Weekly Devotional #583 and A New Thing Ministries. I encourage you to check them out.

Blessings Loves!  ♥ † ♥ † ♥



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Walking in Son~shine…oo… I’m walking in Son~shine…oo…

Tea with Father God


Walking on Sunshine is the song stuck in my head since I woke up from my after church yesterday. The funny thing it is stuck in the heads of 2 of my friends and was mentioned on a morning news program I watch…I believe it is the direct result of the weekend we just spent with Father God!

I have had quite a weekend. Our church held an annual women’s conference, as usual. Not only did the majority of this particular conference teach, it confirmed and elevated the women, me included. Each morning I spent my quality time in the LORD’s presence, preparing to receive from the lady ministers speaking. I was not disappointed, not only did I receive I was blessed and rewarded, as well.

On April 8th, I wrote out a prayer; I’m not sure if I shared it here; if I have and you read it please forgive me my repetition.

Father, I thank you that transitions are from You – and that You have things in hand. I ask, LORD, that we gain some forward movement. I remain in unity. I remove myself, with your permission and agreement, from those who are not in unity with the church. I ask only that the seperations be natural, positive and understood. I switch, now, to prayer in the spirit, as I know not what to pray. AMEN.

Before the end of my quiet time with God I received answer, from a song on Pandora Radio.

Pandora Radio is a computer music formating channel or site, that allows the individual to format “radio stations” with the music they prefer. It’s a great way for me to listen to only Christian and Secular music with the same positive messages. Check it out by clicking the line above.

Anyway…the song’s lyrics were “Your healing is here, in the River of God; freedom is here, in the River of God…” When I googled the lyrics I was continually led to a beautiful song that was not the song that spoke to me…so on I listen for it to come back around, even now, days later. 

On Friday,  a beauiful April morning, I was spending time with God…preparing to receive at that night’s beginning of the conference…my devotional was on receiving what has already been given to us…what was already ours. The long and short of it is we have been graced, through the atonement, Righteousness, Healing and Salvation. As children of God we must learn to just receive these. Because of religion, teaching, and upbringing we waste time trying to earn favor that we already own.

Yes I said ALREADY OWN…Luke 1:37-39

For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said, ‘Behold the handmaid of the LORD; be it unto me according to thy Word. And the angel departed from her. And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into the city of Juda.

The city of Juda means to be Excellent. Mary decided to own what God was doing in her and determined to walk in that excellence NO MATTER what she saw or believed. She decided to believe God.  That is what the last of those scriptures are saying…she, with haste sought out the excellence God had put into her…the result…obviously, the Salvation of the World.

You see we run…to strive…to earn…to prove ourselves worthy in the eyes of the Father. Yet in the parable about the prodigal it clearly tells us that Father ran to meet us…while we were still away off…another scripture says that ‘while we were still sinners God loved us’. Nowhere in the Word of God say we must toil, strive or prove ourselves worthy of the love of Father God! In fact it says the exact opposite! Go check…

Could this really have been clearer?

Yet, I still am obese and feel unhealthy, heck, am unhealthy…so how can…????….I stopped there.  This is what I was, even then, still saying to myself. So I determined to be like young Mary and just believe.

Just a bit of FYI…I looked up Prodigal and the definitions are these:

1. characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure.

2. Recklessly spendthrift.

…and then 3. YIELDING ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just exactly how do the definers get from  definition to the third without question? I stand amazed and saddened that the world has become this deceived. Please do me a favor and when looking up a definition go to the bottom and read up…very often the archiac or obsolete definition is the one that is biblically correct; which in my humble opinion is the truth of the word defined.

Prodigal means yielding abundantly. It did not matter what that boy went out and did…abundant inheritance was still his! His father proved that upon his return.  Just like Father God does for us, we must just receive it, it is already ours!

So the conference followed the thread that God had already begun in my time with him that week! He is amazing. We were asked at the very start, that same evening (the 9th) to just receive what God had for us, individually. We were asked to enter into an intimate time with God at this event, not to pay attention to the woman to either side of us…that this conference was between each woman and God. Praise God most everyone took that instruction and that is just what God did…He spent time reinforcing within me what He had given to me!

Friday night we were encourage to make a Habitation for God in our lives. The story lies in 2 Kings 4:8-10…this woman, like many women today, was thirsty for God, she wanted him to live in her household. So she prepared a place for Elisha to stay when He was preaching in town. When we allow God to inhabit our lives – being mindful of Him brings our hearts desire, brings provision and favor.

This confirmed what I now call Morning Tea with God…I am receiving and obeying and the result was a “Good Girl!” from Dad right up front! So satisfying!

Creating this habitation has resulted in what the speaker described as spiritual virginity. When I, you, anyone, purposes time alone with God each day we become cleansed of the worldly things we encounter. An example is this: when I sit down to this laptop each morning it is me God, His Word, and devotionals and a cup of tea. Praise music or quiet…I read what God put in my e-mail box through the hands of me…if I get nothing out of them then it is on to a devotional book or my journal in search of what He wants me to have that day…it is never hard to locate, it, now, is always the scripture or teachings that stirs the spirit in me. I have done what the woman in 2 Kings did and much like the scripture in Exodus that says ‘prepare Me a habitation, a tabernacle that I may dwell in you midst.’ Like the woman in 2 Kings God has returned to me the things that are mine, were always mine and all of the earnings that would have come from that!!! I now watch less tv…have noticed very distinct eating habit changes and my friends are once again being weeded. Even the Christian friends, which frankly feels funny, but God is always my first choice.

Revelation 14:4 describes the bride of Christ. I have determined to rise up and be the bride He is coming for…and He so graciously confirmed throughout the conference that I am deserving of that snow white bridal gown!!!

So off I go to pray some more and get some work done. More tomorrow about the conference. Honestly, it is still manifesting in me what God has given. So as I allow Him to melt me; spiritually and physically; to saturate me… I will be who it is He made me to be.

Blessings Loves.

♥ † ♥ † ♥

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Adversity~What am I facing today?…

 My Morning with God…

This morning I woke up feeling down. When I think about it, this downward feeling began sometime yesterday. With many things going on physically, emotionally and of course just the day to day things, I can lose track of my joy. I imagine many of you know what I mean.

All of Easter week joy built up and it’s tide rose within me right on through Resurrection Sunday. I was joyful, excited and strong. Yes, I felt an immense sense of strength. All things were well, better than well, joyful.

I was ending my beverage fast; which I did successfully. Even now 2 days later I have only had 1 cup of coffee.  🙂  I must admit it was wonderful, but I desire tea now, not coffee. A fast 21 days or longer will change you lifestyle in regard to your fast choices, that is proved here. I was writing, even though it was/is primarily poetry, which doesn’t happen to be as lucrative. However, each poetry form I learned, yes learned, was inspired by the Spirit of God. Each poem was powerful, pointed out by my writing peers, and I trust them.

So the joy of the LORD most definitely delivered strength.

Now, back to the day to day, I must be mindful of my emotions and words.

As I pointed out, we have had the reinforcement of what our words effect in our lives taught @ the River. I have had friends point out that this is old teachings; for me it was a good review and there was new revelation, as well. I got much out of the teaching/preaching. Of course I am obedient that even if I find these teachings tedious there must be something in them the Lord requires me to hear.

This morning’s tea with God was quiet and not as exciting as I would have liked. Obediently, I went into yesterday’s devotions and last Wednesday’s sermon to find something to go on today. As easy as God makes my time with Him, and his tone for the day, sometimes my flesh doesn’t find the ease in His presence. These are odd times, now, and I must admit that I don’t like them.

I do not like when my flesh takes over. It has a defined heaviness to it, a sense of malaise. Blessedly I now feel it instantly and wonder how I ever carried that for almost 40 years! Think about it; before you learned to hand the day to day stressers and the full on crisis’ to God; you carried that weight. Is it any wonder I am obese?

April 7, 2010

I have returned. I had to leave for work yesterday morning before I completed this. I had every intention of finishing when I returned home, alas I could not. The day to day took hold and ran away with my day…and my good intentions!  🙂

I find myself, again, in this sense of unease. Much of it is physical, however, much of it feels like a roadblock, spiritually. I desire forward movement in this transition our church is going through. My human nature wants answers, solutions and the plan. Yet the powers that be are not being forthcoming as yet. So I sit quietly, pondering the possibilities, knowing that I will be moved forward in God’s time.

I am going on the teachings of late. Minding what comes out of my mouth. Taking each thought captive and that is tedious as I am one to attempt to analyze all possibilities in a situation. Fully knowing that I am imagining far worse than could occur.  So I reign in and capture these thoughts to give to God.

So I continue today to tap into the strength that God provides for me. I will trust God. This is His church, and His children, and His plan for us is Hope, Prosperity and Unity. He does not forsake us, even when we feel that He is far away.

I pray as David prayed; and when I am unable I pray in the Spirit. He takes my petitions and concerns straight to Father, explaining me, my condition perfectly to Father.

I am reminded of the scripture from a day or so ago. Romans 8:38

Nothing can seperate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life; neither angels or demons; not our fears for today or our worries about tomorrow. Not even the powers of Hell can seperate us from God’s love.

So no matter my current mood or condition God remains here with me. Waiting for me to stop letting the day to day and the unknown distract me from His plan.

I leave you, now, with this post completed. Hoping it is cohesive enough to minister to someone. Let me know how you deal with the day to day and your distractions. What tools do you use to return to the path God has for you. Lets get to know each other. This journey home is more enjoyable when we go together.

David prayed: “Grant me Your strength” Ps 86:16 and “God arms me with strength” Ps 18:32

I leave you to go to prayer with my focus for today:   ” I love You O’LORD, my strength. O’ my strength, I will sing praises to You, for God, You are my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness.” Ps 18:1 & 59:17

Blessings Loves…enjoy the taste of summer we are having here at the Jersey Shore….☼

† ♥



‘Be ye removed and cast into the sea….”

Quality Time with God...

† † †  Happy Day after Easter~Resurrection Day everyone.

The Son  ☼ has risen and it is a bright new day!

My devotions were marked this morning by a brand new joy. Actually, a joy that has been building for several weeks now. Odd, how the mourning turned to joy…just checked it and I am right!

That is Isaiah in 61:3  To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, 
The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.” 

There’s proving the scripture in Romans 8:26-28…the Holy Spirit will most definitely bring to memory those things that God taught us!

Obviously the writer’s block is gone…Praise God. I guess my inability to write anything but dark or mourning poetry was just that, mourning. A very spiritual friend on one of the artistic sites I frequent returned. He’d been gone for a few months and he brought with him encouragement, honesty and mostly friendship. So I am back on track with a plan, that I believe God is manifesting in me.

My plan is to continue on my path to wellness…to wholeness. This God has confirmed, reinforced and proven is my current path…The Word @ the River of late has been journey and wellness…most of my friends/church family are seeking wholeness and remaining on God’s path for their lives. We appear to be of likemind and in unity…in all areas. I must say these things; lifestyle changes, are easiest when it is done with a family attitude and atmosphere.

So the key scripture is this today: Mark 11:23  

For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.

As a practicing Christian, who has matured quickly, this powerful scripture is one we learn to rote very quickly. In that rote I think, sometimes, we lose the power of it. The true message in it. We believe it for others, see it happen in others; maybe even ourselves and our lives here and there. However, we should practice this daily…not to have it be rote, rather to have it be a tool…a well sharpened response to roadblocks and well, mountains that set themselves in our path.

Mark 11:23 says that when we believe what we say – that we Will have what we say!

Prayer and communion with God, in reference to the goals we have for our lives, is pertinent. However, that is not enough.  We must believe that we have what the promises and scriptures we are praying say. God cannot lie, the bible tells us this, so if he said it, it will be done. Though, only if we trust him to do it…to keep the promises.  We must believe what we have declared and refuse to accept, tolerate or even look at any other possibility.  This is the condition of obtaining what we’ve declared.

Revelation 12:11 clearly states that; “they overcame him [the dragon; problem] by the blood of the lamb and by the Word of their testamony., and they did not love their lives to death.

In english…to move those mountains we must overcome all doubt; whether that be our mindsets and habits, other loved one’s views and opinions and what the world instills in us.

It stresses that it is by the Word of our testamony that we do not love our lives to death.

In english….our testamony must be the Word of God; what God says about our situation. This means read the bible and locate the promise that covers your situation or insures you goals. Then have it be God’s Word, that promise, be your testamony!

What exactly does “they did not love their lives to death” mean? Does that part confuse you? I know it did me for awhile.

In english…that I do not demand to remain in my fleshly lifestyles and attitudes and expect God to keep His promises. Each promise has a task or condition…this one is that we can overcome ANY situation in our lives; blocking our way, IF we are willing to change the way we live. IF I am willing to live and change into who God intended I be.

The Word Promises that we have those things that already belong to us.

  • We must KNOW this.
  • We must take FIRM HOLD; STAND FIRM to see it come to pass and become fruitful in our lives.

I now FIRMLY take hold of this and DECLARE this mountain moved:

I speak to this obesity and command it to die, at the root source. At the source that gives it life. I command the obesity die and come out of my body, NOW, in JESUS’ NAME. I decree, today and for eternity, that obesity will NEVER come back on my spirit, mind or body, EVER again. Obesity is, at this very moment, cursed at it’s source and I claim it dead. I command it NEVER again can it come against me. AMEN

I once told someone that I was trusting God to take care of my obesity problem, because I could not do it myself, which is obvious.  Another woman, sharing fellowship with us that day, turned while passing and made that scoffing sound some people do, and asked “Do you really think God can help you with that?” while she looked me up and down.   🙂     This was how she spoke to her friends, regularly, very discouraging, especially if you heard it all the time. My response was simple and polite, you see the friend I was speaking with was her mother! I looked at my young friend and asked, “You don’t?!” As she turned back to respond, she said something else disparaging while realizing that not only had we heard her, so had the whole room and her husband, who was appalled. She turned and saw her husband and turned back to me as if to say; did I say that outloud?! Again?!

 I tell you this to show you this; we reveal ourselves by the words that come out of our mouths…so don’t speak disparaging doubt over your situations, or anyone elses, for that matter; it will only delay your victory. 

So back to work I go! I have finished my writer’s lunch…Here is what I enjoyed, really enjoyed, while writing this post:

A cup of freshly cooked Jasmine rice with lightly sauted in olive oil and just a touch of butter; lemon peppered mushrooms, shallots and asparagas tips. A large glass of homemade black iced tea; in my grandma’s mason jar glass. Ending with a beautiful, but almost flavorless red delicious apple…out of season fruit I guess. A bit of salt cured the dullness.


A good and healthy meal. I have prayed for more stamina and a desire to move more; and the purpose to move more when I do not feel like it or up to it. Thus far God has fulfilled these requests.

Food on Friday Carnival hosted by Ann Kroeker

God is Good. Life is Good…. Enjoy the lovely spring weather…I know I am. Blessings Loves

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What am I looking for?…a google search!

Quality Time with God...

My morning with God was playful this morning. With Pandora Radio and my personal praise channels singing in my head, God spoke to me directly. While it was a goofy and playful time with my Father God this morning, it was no less than powerful!

After reading scripture devotions and here is one greatly appropo for this particular morning; this particular weekend…

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

~ Romans 5:8… of my all time favorites. My first kiss from God this morning!    🙂

I then wandered off to FB to check on my loves! I have some very smart, whitty and spiritual friends there! As funny as it may be I use it as much to keep in touch with my loved ones as much as I use it to promote my writing and photography! But then, I think most do. Plus, it is a great evangelistic tool,  as is WordPress and deviantArt…this is how we reach the world!

So back to my experience…

My nieces status late last night was this:  I found her and a friend searching the personal question “what am I looking for?” and   “what are you looking for?” on Google and Yahoo search engines.

Now since I believe my niece to be a rather brilliant and clever girl I choose to believe she came up with this little game…

Now…the rules; as I have made up, are these:

Ask, in a complete question, like; “what am I looking for?”; question mark and all (no quotes). And search your question on google (or your favorite search engine). Then scroll down until a site’s SEO line completely and properly answers the question, like ” I am looking for cookies.”

That is your answer… mine was spot on, my answer was directly from God…and absolutely correct! Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am being honest here.

God spoke through google…My answer, in proper form was this…I am looking for God; which led to a blog post from 2005! Go read it…it is a wonderful post.

Unfortunately it is an archived blog post and I couldn’t thank the author…hopefully he will get the trackback and find this post! If you do…God is good and led me from the future to your wonderful post! Thank you.
So off with you now, go play until the sun comes out and you can play outside! Love you all! Have fun.

By the way, as I posted this note God answered me again through Pandora Radio and “All I need is you.” by Hillsong was playing…

Off I go to continue my time with God…just had to share!

praise + worship + The Word = Quality time with Abba, Father!

God is good. Life is good. I feel joyful today!

What are you looking for today…please share. Let’s share, get to know one another…use the comments below; I want to know you.

Blessings Loves   🙂

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Yesterday was April 1st. You know, April’s Fool Day…a day I was never fond of. On a site I work and surf on had cyberspace games and pranks going; which just made for a bit of “harmless” frustration for some. All in the spirit of harmless fun. Well…still am not fond of it; because seriously frustration is never harmless in the end. It causes stress and for some, most, frustration is not harmless. In fact I wrote an article the other day about Tips on Dealing with Stress in Positive Ways; over on

So my focus yesterday…and today coincide…as they will likely do for a bit. Seeking God, the Kingdom of God is a lifestyle. While I have been seeking, diligently, for the last 9 or 10 years, I can now say it is my lifestyle. It took training and focus, which requires daily attention each day for that focus to remain. I will admit that if there is a morning when my focus is failing I have been sufficiently fed to hold on. However, ahhh we are such weak creations in our own flesh, much more than that and I, personally, begin to feel seperation anxiety. Much like if my husband were away on business, or more likely a Nascar trek.  🙂

I spent the day, yesterday, feeling disjointed, which I believe is commonplace for someone who is in the midst of personal mourning. The disjoint wasn’t directly connected to my losses, well? O’ I don’t know, anyway…

So I set up some new stations of Praise and Worship on Pandora Radio; and my son replaced my ear phones, that he left in a place that the puppy was able to chew them! So I have neat new, pink pair of skull candy ear buds! Now I can block most everything while I praise God! 

Devotions and Praise

As I sit here, trying to wrap this up so that I can get ready to go to God’s house and get some extra work done for an event at the River tomorrow, I realize the focus today is the same as yesterday and the consequential focus of the ladies in my home group, last night.

Abiding in God…
My devotions focused on being God minded inside…my picture above shows clearly the affirmations I got from my prayer book. “Prayers that avail Much” by Germaine Copeland, which one can access in it’s entirety and use on
At our midweek service @ the River; our Pastor Carol taught the 2nd half of her message on What Comes out of Your Mouth; which is right in line with all the other focus’ of this week.
As children of God we are Spirit, learning to live in the world, blessed with souls or minds and bodys.
** I am a Spirit and not of this World. ** ~ a vital realization. Knowing this; we then must understand that the Spirit of God is our guidance, not the advise and entitlements of the world we function in.
**The Spirit of God leads me in all Truth**, regenerating my spirit.
Before Christ ascended to the right hand of Father God he left us Peace and Authority. His Peace not the peace that the world understands. I must walk in these; His peace and authority to be whole. If I can say that I don’t feel well, or I am out of it today then something in me is wrong. I am not operating in the gifts I was left in.
We are a triune creation; as mentioned earlier…Spirit, Mind and Body. If one of these do not feel right we are not in sync with the spirit of God.
The 3 stranded cord is weakening!!! The remedy to return to wholeness; to wellness is returning one’s focus to God. We do this in a variety of ways; feel free to pick your favorite:
The Word of God: God speaks to our spirits clearly via this choice.
Praise God: Music, for me is the most direct path to the presence of Father God…it is my conduit to entering the throne room of God.
Pray: coupled with prayer…try it, and when you get home tell Daddy I’m coming to.
Devotional Time: a very pretty way to say spend some quality time alone with God. Biblical devotions is a good place to set you on the path to the presence of God.
Whatever way you choose, the consistant practice of abiding in the presence of God will begin to set the tone of your day to day. When that tone is set by God his children naturally focus and resonate out that very presence.So I focus on these lately~
* I am a child of God
*I am born of the Spirit of God.
*I am filled with the Spirit of God.
*I am led by the Spirit of God.
** I listen and look to the Spirit of God inside me**
My Prayer~~ Thank you, Father God that You enlighten my understanding. For the wisdom of Your understanding, inside of me and Your love perfected in me. Your Word shall not depart out of my mouth. I meditate there day and night. I make my was prosperous, and I have good success in life; as you reside in me, as I abide in You. I put Your Word, first, filtering all things through it. Amen.
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Blessings      🙂