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No Thing Can Seperate Me from the Love of God ♥ † ♥ † ♥

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Quality Time with God...

Good Morning~or should I say afternoon?   🙂

I spent my morning with God, as usual. I am happy to say that it has become such an integral part of my day that if I miss it, or cut it shorten than God would have it, I actually feel it. My intimate time with God has become as important, or more important, really, than my time with my husband and friends. Like I have stressed before, it sets a tone for my day, and without my date with Father, my intimate relationships with my husband, children and friends are greatly affected. It is nolonger the caffeine that causes me to rise…it is the Spirit of God from which this woman arises each morning.

That is the most wonderful feeling. Words are simply not sturdy enough a vessel to hold what this feels like long enough to express it fully.   ♥

Like yesterday, I am still deciphering all I received from Father at the FCM Women’s Conference that our church hosted this past weekend. This morning God expounded on all that He has given me that last several weeks. Each installment that He gives brings clearly to understanding these days. Making it easy to apply it to my life; and see the areas in which He simply put things into being and effect; without any work on my part.

Yesterday I tried, as best I could, to explain that certain things were given or graced to us; and that they are ours to own. We OWN them. Two of these is Health and Healing.

The first devotional I received this morning was from one of the many sites that simply send you a scripture each morning; this one was from

1 Chronicles 16:11      Search for the LORD and for His strength; continually seek Him.

Quite simply this scripture discribes my lifesyle, now. I have put this into practice and the effects are coming to light as I type! I urge those of you searching for God’s hand in your day to day life to begin to spend time, daily, with God…first thing if you are able. I would tell you though that I began doing this last thing at night; it was the only time in my day that I could (maybe would) allot to God. As I became obedient to and dependant upon this time with Father, He changed my schedule to accomidate what He intended to be our relationship.

That being said, I will get to todays point. Nothing ~ NO THING ~ can seperate us from the Love of God. Once again, in several weeks, He set me in Romans 8:38-39; and at His urging, once again, I will put it here…

I am convinced that nothing can ever seperate us from His love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to seperate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My focus with God has been my physical health; for quite awhile.  I am a mature Christian, I believe and have been told. I understand the concepts and precepts of God and His Word. However, each of us get to a revelation or an inner knowledge when we are supposed to. Things, circumstances and people have molded our minds; eventually affecting our personalities. How and where we are brought up; circumstances and situaltions of this upbringing; and the love or lack of love from those who raised us; changes us, we think. Does it; or do these things lead us directly to where God would have us be.

The concept is that God allows, does not cause, those things that are not of Him, because of free will. Whether that be the free will of a parent or an abuser or ourselves and our choices is neither here nor there. We get through these things because of God. The semantics of this no longer causes me pause. I now look into my past and on into my future with the knowledge that I am not, was not and cannot be seperated from the love of God. Therefore whatever is in my path, no matter who I love and lose, no matter what; there is something I need to know there.

Health. As I have told my readers I am obese. Most of my life it did not effect me, not physically, emotionally or even relationally. However, when I landed in my 40’s I began to feel it. Physically first and then, oddly I feel, emotionally. I had started to feel heavy; or should I say I began to distinctly feel the heaviness I was carrying each day.

There is scripture that say do not touch God’s anointed. This means that one is never to harm, in anyway, God’s anointed. It goes on to discribe who these “anointed” are. His shepards, prophets and teachers…etc.

Let me see; looking at the list, you don’t find yourself, do you? I attribute that to the translations. You and I are one of these anointed! I assure you, we, both fall into the category. Therefore no one is to touch or harm us, His beloveds. Now pay close attention! We are not permitted to touch or harm His anointed. You would never, you cry, so did I…until I realized that if I fell into these anointed I could not harm myself!!!! That is right! If we have chosen Christ as our Lord and Savior; if we have become Born Again, in Christ, we are nolonger permitted to harm or disparage ourselves!!!

OH MY! What exactly does that mean? That simply means those things we do to and think about ourselves must stop. No matter what we see in the mirror, or that person we love so deeply says we are or are not; no matter what we must learn to see ourselves as God sees us. We MUST begin to see ourselves as God’s Beloved! To me this is just beautiful.

Beloved and Well-beloved means: dearly loved, dear to the heart,sincerely and deeply loved, sincerely respected!

WOW! That is how God sees us! This is who we are to Him…AMAZING!!

This changes everything for me. He knew years, months, weeks ago that I would reach this understanding. He put things in place that would happen prior to this understanding that would come directly to mind to illustrate that He had begun implementing things in my life that would reinforce the revelations of yesterday and today!

We are taught, often, to apply the Word of God to our lives, which I have done, to the best of my ability. When we begin to do this; like my mornings with God; and then sharing what I have learned and been given; God begins to apply His precepts and principals in our lives for us.

Often we are taught that God has done all He is going to do. That it is up to us to have faith and apply that faith and the Word to and in our lives. That He is not coming down to lend a hand…the is the biggest untruth!

Yes He has provided all we need for life; and that life more abundantly. Everything needed for life has been provided. However, when your child begins to do the right things, do you not come alongside that child and assist? Do you not step in and physically and emotionally show them you are willing to do these things too?

Well so does our loving Father God.

So what are you doing today to yourself, or saying to yourself that is harming you? I beg you to STOP right now, forgive yourself, because God has already! and pray with me…

Now, I’m going to fill my sin in, in bold….you place yours there…ok?

Father, I confess OBESITY as sin before you. I recognize it as sin, because it harms me, and I repent of it and ask you to forgive me of it and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. According to your word, I receive forgiveness and cleansing right now, in Jesus’ name. Today I forgive myself and release myself from all guilt and shame knowing that Jesus bore my shame on the cross ~ therefore I refuse to bear it ~ I am free and forgiven from this moment on ~ I will never pick up the guilt again, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This prayer is important because you must choose to forgive yourself or you cannot move forward. Because God’s mercies are new each morning and He wants you to succeed and prosper more than you even want to, yourself. That is His plan!

We can have peace that passes all understanding through any circumstances, if we keep our minds stayed on God!

** circumstances do not change God’s plan and purpose for me; unless I allow it!

So how did I attain this level of understanding? I got to the next level ~ literally this weekend because I:

  • Believed God
  • Forgave myself
  • and

Nahum 1:9 is an interesting scripture that I found in one of my devotionals this morning.

  What do you  [the enemy] conspire against the Lord? He [GOD] will make an UTTER END to it! Affliction will not rise up a second time.

Like the scripture in my post yesterday this reinforces that when we put the things in our lives, that are contrary to God and His Word, away from us, they cannot return again! We do this by feeding on God’s word.


Here is where I received my confirmations today: JfH Weekly Devotional #583 and A New Thing Ministries. I encourage you to check them out.

Blessings Loves!  ♥ † ♥ † ♥



Author: Hopeannfaith

Welcome, I'm Andrea ... HOPEannFAITH ... I write and take pictures as a way of expression. These are gifts given by a loving and indulgent Father, to a headstrong and stubborn daughter, with much to say. A semi-retired social worker/secretary, I now call myself a writer. I've published one internet article and written many blog posts. However, publishing does not make one a writer, anymore than taking a box camera to the park makes one a photographer. What makes one who and what they are? Well God for one ... formed me before the foundations of this world (Psalm 139); and many, many years after putting away my passion for wordsmithing and picture taking He gave it back ... in droves. I am a culmination of my choices and experiences. It is here that my experiences color the world in print and color. It is my goal to reach just one soul a day with love ... encouragement ... understanding or just letting that soul know that they are not alone where they are today. This is about creating ~ all of it. Creating a HOLY and SACRED place where the ugly truth can be healed and the beauty of a moment or a tear can brighten a day for the experience. Why HOPEannFAITH? Hopeannfaith is my inner child, and she is maturing, as she should have done all along. She is learning all about how Faith fulfills Hope. She is learning how to live. HOPEannFAITH ~ the wonder twins all wrapped up in one, me. These are my Journey Journals ~ written and visual. I welcome your company. I welcome your friendships. My Journey is in the light ~ although I have and will share the shadowy corners and the dark ~ so you know that you are never alone there. If we hold hands in the dark, and we walk, side by side, through the shadow, we will reach the Light together. In relationship with one another and with the Light. Blessings.

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