Learning to Live , Again, On Purpose.

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My Life, Ten Years From Now

In ten years I plan to still be free.

Free from strife, a peaceful me.

Ten years from now I will rock on my stoop.

Watching the waves on my lake loop-de-loop.

Ten years from now, me and mine,

We plan to happy and very fine.

In ten years, with grandbabies at our knee

My love and I will look on our family…

Ten years from now what I see…

A great love, we built, my Mr. and Me!

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The Last Time I Thanked Someone

Gratitude is an attitude. One that is vital to good living and loving. Each day I thank someone. Each day I thank God.

The Word of God tells us to be thankful continually in all things. To be thankful even in the worst of times! You question this, I will assume, how does one show gratitude in times of worst?

Well I'll tell you truth, but you must still listen. Thankfulness is a mission. It takes diligence and fortitude to sport this gracious attitude. One must work at this each and every day. Say thank you when it's the very last thing you would possibly say.

Your diligence, I promise you, will pay off. It changes your mind and it changes your heart. Thank the LORD, it is He you must obey. He will reward you with the greatest of days.

Even when your day is much too long. When you've taken all you can take and you have no more. Even when you are weary at heart, thankfulness will cause a fresh spark.

Look at what you have, and know there's much, much more. Look to the sky and thank God once more. For the air that you breath, and the roof overhead. Thank Him for love and the ones that you have. Thank Him for anything, thank Him for Him. The praises He hears, while over you He sings.

When was the last time I thanked someone, dear?

Well, this morning I thanked God that I wandered here. I thanked my sons for what they did this morning, for what, even I have forgotten. I thanked my friends last night for their encouragement, love and support. I thanked my love for checking the cat, and then I thanked myself for remembering that!

I thanked God last night for the life I enjoy. I thanked Him this morning for this day I rejoice in. I'll thank Him tonight for the glorious day I am having and I'll repeat it all, again, tomorrow morning.

Being thankful allows me to enjoy this life, that a month ago was in jeopardy of voiding. I am thankful to God for the doctors and nurses. Most of all for the beating of my heart. The diagnosis that is conquered in Christ's name. I'm thankful for each and every day.


I thank you all now for reading my answer.

Be Blessed Loves!♥