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God and Trusting His Character

What man is faithful in such a manner as God?

None, I say.

God alone is Infinitely Faithful. ~ AHutchinson ♥

I must give another shout out and much thanks to A New Thing Ministries and Kim Potter.

Her Devotional / Motivational e-mail blogs are often the defining temper for my day. God so often uses Kim’s insights to answer, guide and boost me in my day to day walk with Christ.

I must say I am often pushed to study The Word of God through Kim’s inspiration. Adding to my already church fed desire to study! So I thank my Pastor Santhosh for this too! I find the character of God amazing. It is often my intent of study to reinforce the definition of God’s Character, which I continually find, as it is written, unchanged.

The character of our God is ever enduring faithfulness.

If there is no road, He will make one.

If there is no water, He will create a river in the desert.

If there seems no way of escape, He will make a way…for us…for YOU.

I have been battling doubt in regard to my health. With the drastic diagnosis for my heart and health, and the equally drastic changes to my lifestyle, my frustrations have led to a niggling worry within me.

I continue to speak life. I hardly ever speak the actual diagnosis, refusing to give it any air to breath within me. Yet, my humanity, my sinful nature, wants to question God. Sadly, for the first time since I became saved, that I can remember, I have actually caught myself asking why…this angers me, at me.

I see myself as a strong woman of Faith! Yet, I find this circumstance has rocked my core.

I thank God that my core is His Spirit, because while I feel shaken, His Spirit feeds me the nourishment that has been provided through His Word. While this too proves God’s faithful character, it proves, as well, how much work I have still to do in me.

Therefore I return to my ‘go to’ scripture…Exodus 14:14.

Today, though, I read more than just the simple revelation that God fights for me…I read through to the defining instruction…Yeah! I’m a genius, 🙂

 Exodus 14:13-15…

Moses told the Israelites in Exodus 14:13-15
“Fear not! Be still and be confident. Watch how God rescues us, the amazing salvation that He will work for you today! You see these troubles before you? You will never see them again.

You see…the Lord fights your battles for you, if you trust and be still. If you remain peaceful and at rest. No exertion is required on your part, let God fight…after all He said it is His fight. Be still.

Well then, while waiting, Moses became anxious and cried out to the Lord.

Which of us would not have, as the army of trouble advanced before them? Then God said…’ Why do you cry to me, Moses? Tell the people to move forward…'”

If we trust God and move forward in Christ, God will go before us and make the path clear…Is45:2, 1 Cor 10:13

I am pressing toward the goal of the prize of the upward call of Christ…Phil 3:14

…focusing on God ♥

Blessings My Loves ♥