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Don't Let ANTs Have Space in Your Head!

{ Hey loves, just a little prologue: this is what I did to change my negative thoughts to positive thoughts today. I’ve got to thank Carol Pandola for the awesome teachings at bible study this summer. The tools she’s provided the ladies are invaluable for our growth in Christ. Have I told anyone lately that I have the GREATEST friends God could provide? Have a blessed and beautifully thought out day my loves!♥ }

A.N.T. s are cynical, gloomy and complaining thoughts that cause damage in one’s life. Many believe that mental and physical illnesses begin with negative thoughts. The bible says that “As a man thinks, so he is.”. So how far off is the concept that our thoughts can heal our bodies, or the opposite, our thoughts will make us ill. This concept that thoughts, positive and negative have a literally physical affect on the body is nothing new and scientists and physicians are rounding the corner again and considering the mind and the body as two parts of a functioning being.

Lets go one step further, though. Christianity believes (knows) we are triune beings being made up of three parts: Spirit, Body and Soul (mind).

Where religion or spirituality, science and medicine agree is that all parts must function for the whole to be well. Wholeness, wellness, can only be attained when the spirit, body and mind of a man are cared for with equal and positive life practices.

Remember what your mother always said, and there are many!

“You are what you eat.” This is true for anything at all one puts into the body, through the mouth, ears, and eyes. We figuratively and literally eat what we come into contact with.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Now mom told us this to teach us manners, or did she? What we speak, we create. Further, what we think, we create. Every act, good or bad, life or death, begins with a thought. Premeditation. Maybe, just maybe, mom knew that if we said something not nice, we were at second base on our way to a bad decision or act.

We could go on, but you see where this is going…

For some reason it is easier, seemingly more natural, for humans to think negatively. Whether it’s nature or nurture is for the professors to debate, for us the reality is we must stop the negative thinking to improve our lives, our environments and ourselves.

Ever notice how when one succeeds at improving something in a life, everything and everyone in the immediate vacinity seems to have improved.

Well, as Raymond Holliwell teaches in his work: Working with the Law~11Truth Principles for successful living, we must change our minds to change our lives.

How do we do this? One must accept, first, that one’s thoughts are real and have marked affect upon one’s life and body.

In an ezine article by Diane Strausser, MSS, LISW; adapted from the work of Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s: Seven Ways To Optimize Your Brain and Your Life, we find the concept of A.N.T.s defined.


ANTs are cynical, gloomy and complaining causing depression and fatalistic attitude.

Realize that your thoughts are real:

o You have a thought

o Your brain releases chemicals

o An electrical transmission goes across your brain

o You become aware of what you’re thinking

The importance of becoming conscious and intentional is vital to your growth as a human being.

Nine categories of ANTS:

1. Always/never thinking: thinking in words like always, never, no one, everyone, every time, everything.

2.Focusing of the negative: seeing only the bad in a situation

3. Fortune-telling: predicting the worst possible outcome

4. Mind reading: believing that you know what others are thinking even though they haven’t told you.

5. Thinking with your feelings: believing negative feelings without ever checking them out.

6. Guilt beating: thinking in words like should, must, ought or have to.

7. Labeling: attaching a negative label to yourself or to someone else.

8. Personalizing: investing innocuous events with personal meaning.

9. Blaming: blaming someone else for your own problem.

Think about the ANTS at your picnic, your life. Write down some of the phrases or sentences, the messages you have given or heard that created difficulty for you. Look at the nine and choose the ones that you really need to notice. The ones that jump out at you.

The first way to catch them and correct them is to notice them and challenge them. Whenever a negative thought goes unchallenged, your mind believes it and your body reacts to it.

And, the way to kill it is to talk back to it and to counter it:

1. notice it

2. write it down

3. talk back to it

Now take the next 10 minutes to notice, write and talk back. Make two columns on your paper and write the ANT in the first column and the response in the column next to it.


To enjoy life more abundantly, like the bible tells us we can, we must change our way of thinking.

This is a personal choice each of us make, one way or the other, each day. Being accutely aware of our thoughts will most definitely have an affect on the quality of our lives, the wellness of our bodies and the richness of our spirit.

The bible clearly instructs in Philippians 4:8-9 (message):

“Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.”

We must choose an ANT free environment to enjoy God’s most excellent harmonies!

What are you thinking about today loves? 😉




Dr. Daniel G. Amen: Seven Ways To Optimize Your Brain and Your Life

Diane Strausser, MSS, LISW:—Automatic-Negative-Thoughts

Raymond Holliwell: Working With The Law~ 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

Ant Photo Credit: Unknown, attained unblocked from google.

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“Top 10 Predictions for 2011″…Ten Truths…

{written and shared August 10, 2010} I received this in my e-mail this morning. I copied it in it’s entirety…the author is unknown to me, but the e-mail came from a friend.

I have, for years been troubled, for those in my life who see the world and have fear for the things that are occurring there.

This week, month…actually summer, God and I have been removing fears from my life. Therefore, obviously,personal fear I understand. But fear for what is occurring in the world doesn’t particularly frighten me.

Why?, you ask. Let me tell you. The bible tells us, clearly, that these things must happen for Jesus to return. It is predicted, prophesied in the Word of God.

Now while I have difficult wrapping my head around the fears I am personally removing from my life. I see this as God’s realm, therefore He controls it and I do not have to be concerned by it all. The Word says I will observe, but it will in no way come near me.

I know, I know! God is teaching me, through many good, faithful people, diligent time with Him personally and bible study, that He also has total control to remove my fears, I allow Him to.He will do that for you, as well.

As for the world’s issues, if you have chosen salvation it only concerns you in regard to those lost. Now onto the e-mail.

Be encouraged, be blessed loves. 

With all the problems the world is facing, it can be unsettling to the mind. Today, I will share with you ten predictions that are true!

Top 10 Predictions for 2011

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth..
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still honor the praises of His people.
5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love you.
10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.

Isn’t it great to remember WHO is really in control?
And that; “the Word of the Lord endures forever.”
( 1 Peter 1:25 )

I hope you found this encouraging!

I sure did. Sometimes we need the reminder of just WHO is really in

Till the nets are full, keep on fishing.
Matthew 4:19
God Bless.

Blessings Loves. 🙂

Serenity ~ The Peace of God

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Never Fear…God is Here!, and He is Talking Loud!

James and The Truck

{written events of Monday, August 9, 2010} 

A very eventful day, indeed!

Don and I have been mulling over the fix or buy decision for a car lately. We both noticed different Mercedes Benz for sale in different locations and found that amusing. Then the song “God won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” started to roll in my head…off and on since Thurday evening, just for giggles!

That being said, now those of you lovlies who I texted for emergency prayer know how the Mercedes song comments came about.

I had been in fear about my cardiologist appointment from mid-July. Mind you I said HAD been. Right up until August 1st when I spent some valuable time with my Pastor. He showed me revelation in Psalm 91. Fear about my health turned to knowing Jesus was my healer in my head, to knowing it in my heart! The joy of that was amazing. Then…

Another fear cropped up. I saw it as work-esteem issues. You know, am I doing a good job…is my boss happy with my work product. Having the understanding from that Sunday, I stuck with prayer and Psalm 91. When Sunday, the 8th, rolled around again I was praising my Lord non-stop against the fear and doubt, affirming to God and myself that I knew these negative thoughts were not of Father and therefore could not come near me.

Favor came from the Pastor and his wife by way of thanks and encouragement.

Next….Fire! Today we had fire. My facebook posts mention my fire stories…and my close friends are well aware of the stories of fires, since our move to our current home. So the enemy went back to an old, dorment fear. One that is wholly wrapped up in fear that my husband will get angry in a way he did many, many years ago.

Not a violent anger. Just a angry decision to give up and resume his old ways, and stay there for an indeterminate amount of time!

I am reminded in my spirit that my fear of these things, all of these things, are doubt in the Sovereignty of God! Ehhh…how could I!

Anyway, as many know, James’ car caught on fire.  No flames were seen, but that smoldering grey smoke that smells of fire billowed from his vents while we were getting ready to run some errands. Long story short (sorry the humor will come later, maybe) the fire department came, the source (a heating ? coil that set collected leaves on fire). 

Except….the house is now down to 1 work van with only 2 seats! Or….God!

While joking and discussing the Mercedes things, I confessed to a loved friend that I had spoken to my father earlier in the week and he had asked about the car. I told him what was up and he got quiet and told me that he would be over in the next day or two. (He is bringing me his less than year old pots and pans set, because he just bought new ones from an infomercial, LOL.) gotta love my Dad! 🙂

After the phone call I felt in my spirit that Dad was going to get me a new car. Well before the fire, while James was getting ready, he says, “Hey Mom, do you think Grandpa will get you a new car?” My response was…hmmmmmm! Confirmation. I had not spoken a word about what had risen in my spirit, prior to the truck fire, to anyone!

So all this goes on and I know that I know God has all of this. All this confirmation information…before, during and after??? our circumstances!

I told my husband the updates and heard that sound in his voice. With no fear, I say for the first time in 21 years…basically, “the situation is handled, we handled it, God’s got it and we are standing in faith, will you help us with it?” He said yes and we ended the call with our usual “love you-s”.

My excitement built, I expressed such on FB and then signed off and checked the e-mail. Once again God is faithful and wonderful to me! There it is devotional confirmation from A New Thing Ministry, again!

I thank Kim Potter again for her diligence and obedience to God in sharing these things with her readers!

I have added the letter below, because it is for a few of my sisters, too!

A Word from God for one is for all in the crowd! So here you have it…

Not a time to Back Up…

Recently I have received many, many emails from our readers who seem to be experiencing an attack from the enemy. For several of you I realize it seems to be coming from all sides, small attacks, large attacks and everything in between.

I can certainly sympathize with you. Personally, I have been experiencing the same thing. Frankly, one week I was hit so hard that it took me a few days to get back up.

It is what I am hearing all over the body of Christ – there simply has to be a reason the enemy is so aggitated. There is something coming…that scares him. And it is coming straight toward those who are walking upright and faithful before God…that would be you, my friend.

I read a prophecy/ dream by Kelly Ferrari that I want to share with you: August 7, 2010

I had a dream last night in which I was driving my car down a busy highway. Suddenly a blanket flew across my windshield, entirely obstructing my vision. My knuckles were white and my heart in a panic as I continued to drive blindly, crying out to God to help me steer. The blanket flailed in the wind, but remained stuck to my windshield, and I remembered wondering if the road was taking a turn in any direction, and where the traffic was around me! Suddenly, the blanket mercifully flew off and I could clearly see a stop sign just ahead of me where pedestrians were crossing. I was able to come to a complete stop without hurting anyone, and I sat there utterly amazed. Then I heard the Voice of my Father: You are going blindly about right now, unsure of what is ahead. Trust Me. I am well able to steer your course. Do not panic; do not fear! Do not stop driving. Keep moving forward and when you need to turn to the right or the left, or make a sudden stop, I will remove the hindrances just in time. You will be given direction on a need-to-know basis, so do not try to get ahead of Me. All things will be made clear – just in time!

I have felt this way lately, like I can’t see two feet in front of me, spiritually speaking, and unsure of what is ahead. I am a planner and that is not a comfortable place for me at all. It makes you feel a little uncertain to say the least.

In the midst of all that is going on around you, know that God is still there. He is watching and He will not allow you to be overtaken as long as you continue to trust Him.

I believe it is time to press in – I read something by Chuck Pierce that said this is not the time to be passive. I fully understand that when you are being attacked from every side, the last thing you want to do is stand up and fight – I get that, I really do. But it is not the time to sit down…perhaps like me, you will need to take a few days to get your strength back – but then, get up. Fight.

You may ask how we fight. We fight with the word of God. With prophecies that God has given us. We fight with praise and we fight with worship. We fight with sowing seeds. We fight with loving the unloveable. We fight in many, many different ways.

Don’t say anything that you don’t want to see happen BUT don’t stay silent if the enemy is talking to you – talk back.

A friend and I were talking on Friday, she was telling me a story about when she was in high school. You see, she is a small woman but even though she was small and knew it, when anyone would threaten to fight her or beat her up, she said she would just yack right back. She said ‘they could have probably beaten me up but they never did and I yacked right back like I had something to back it up.’

As funny as this is – this is the way we have to be with the enemy. When he tells you that you are not going to make it. When he tells you that your mess is all someone elses fault and you should really hate them. When he tells you that fasting is not working, that praying is not working, don’t sit silently and listen to the words of the enemy – yack back. When he tells you that sowing is not working – remind him of what God has to say about your seeds.

Tell him what the final outcome is going to be. Tell him that you WILL come out victorious! Tell him that it is working because God’s word never lies and it never ever fails – tell him all about his future and remind him that God works all things out for your good and that you are coming out with plunder…his plunder to be exact.

It is my prayer that we are ALL coming out – each and every one of us – that nothing can stop us and it can’t. I have asked God just this morning to remove every enemy and part every sea – allowing us to walk unhindered into our Promised Land this season and I believe that is exactly what is happening.

I am with you, I am praying for you but much much greater than that – God is with you and He will not fail you. Press in and Enter into all that is yours.

Kim Potter 

Don came home a bit ago. He was in a pleasant mood. My husband is a Mighty and Faithful man of God! He is the greatest and best friend a girl could have. I am blessed…but there is more!

Don’s boss is like a father to us! He and his wife and his partner have been blessings to our family for over 25 years! Apparently he knows someone with a mini-van for sale. A friend Don and he share, who is well known in the area! Right on time….so not to get ahead of God, I am confident about what He has in hand for us…and then there is my Dad….

For all my ladies…if He is favoring me..He is about to favor you! Read the devotion again…stay in line with God’s Word ( I know, I’m preaching to the choir!)…Here we go!

As one friend said…”God is faithful…” and we are His Kids…His Daughters and His Sons! Another friend said…”OOooooo satan owes us all 7 times better than what we had!!!!”

We are the ARMY of God…working together…God has this, all of this.
I’m still praying! in thanksgiving, not for what God has provided only…I am praying fervently for what God has for me, has for you, in the next minute, hour, day….year! Amen!

Blessings Loves!