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God's Thoughts

This morning I wrote a note on facebook. The note was long and explained what’s been going on lately in my life and emotions. I was finished and content with the journal like post. I felt it would help someone and as usual I would adapt it for here, Hopeannfaith’s Well, then my browser froze.

I’d say “ain’t that just the way!”, but that is negative thinking and while I spent that last hour or so cleaning and letting the computer rest, I let God change that attitude. I was certain that the post would remain in drafts and I could retrieve and post it later. I was simply frustrated that I had to wait. I thought ‘all that work and now I have to wait. Plus I have other things to do and I need my lap top to work properly!”

I prayed and cleaned. I prayed and made a healthy omelet and had that and an apple for lunch. My eggs and omelet skill are getting better flavor wise due to the assistance of many cook, chef and foodie friends, as well as experimentation. Plus! For some reason all of a sudden I am a skilled omlet folder. See God honors diligence and obedience! 

I turned on my lap top and sat down to lunch while it loaded (I need more RAM for speed). After lunch I checked my e-mail and then went to facebook notes to retrieve, proof read and post the note. I wanted to get this done as I had some announcements that needed posting on my church’s fan page there. Writer/Church secretary at work!

The note was gone.

 The note is gone!

I literally cried in frustration. I’m tearing up just thinking about it now. Ehhhh!

Part of the note contained the theory that the way I feel is partly due to the blood pressure condition and medication. I really do not like being on this medication! Honestly, short of the medication, I am frustrated with many things in my life right now.

Transformation, as explained by my Pastor @ FCM Church service yesterday, is not an easy thing. While that is true I say it’s easier than living with a diagnosis, such as the three the doctors spoke to me, therefore, I choose the transformation!

So as  I am working toward this metamorphosis, I am battling the frustration that goes with it. I find that I truly detest these new, immediate complaints that come to my mind these days, “why me?” and  “what about me?”. I dislike this twist in me because I find it offensive. Wow, I am offending me!  😀

I cannot afford to indulge in this attitude. I refuse to fall into the family’s generational trap here, and this particular attitude feeds that trap. So far it has family members in it’s maw, well not me! I continue to refuse it!

The only solution is to allow God to change my mind. There is only one self-improvement book that can help here and that is the Word of God. When I woke this morning, not quite joyful to have my eyes open, I went to my devotions to refocus my mind on God.

My status,  from the Daily Bible Verse (dB:V) e-mail, and prayer were there to get me through until teaching devotions were in my inbox. I prayed thankfully for this day God made, even if I wasn’t rejoicing in it at the time. Then there it was: A New Thing Ministries: Open Your Eyes and Your Heart post.

Todays focus is things unseen, as I posted six hours ago on my page.

“(insert my name here)  is fixing her eyes not on things seen, but on things unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but the unseen is eternal. Expecting God today…Good Morning. ♥”

This is the Joyce Meyer‘s way of getting where one needs to be, “Do it Afraid”, adapted to “Do it Anyway”, which may very well belong to her, as well! NOPE!

 Just googled it!  “Do it Anyway” is Mother Theresa‘s. Not too shabby, a couple of dynamic women to follow, I’d say.

The first unseen thing God  presented was: LOVE

Did you ever notice that when you are frustrated you don’t feel love. You don’t feel  like lov-ING anyone or anything. You dont feel lov-ED by anyone. You can’t be frustrated and experience love! It’s impossible!

But God…


You can allow God to replace your worldly (frustration)  thoughts with His kingdom (what God thinks about a thing) thoughts. This simply means to change your attitude, mood and thoughts to what God says you should be feeling/thinking. We kind of do those things, feeling and thinking; we call it reasoning, simultaneously, so we must train them apart, with God’s Word.

“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” ~ Maya Angelo

I also learned @ church, yesterday, that believing  is much more than what we preceive as believing.

To believe in God one must believe everything that God is by Faith, (the unseen).

One must be persuaded to believe that everything that God says He is, He is, (again, the unseen). 

God's Thoughts

 God is love.

Love is the foundation of all things.

Love never dies; therefore,

Have FAITH: Trust completely in God.

Have HOPE: Expect, steadfastly, in the things of God.

Love: Extravagantly, the way God loves you.

The GREATEST of these is LOVE.

~ my adaptation of 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 – NIV & Message


Be the MIRROR of God’s Love in someone’s life.

“A baby is born with a need to be loved, and never grows out of it.” ~ Frank A. Clark

I am off to get some more work done and rest (doctors orders! ehhh!).

Soon they will see that I have none of the things they spoke to me…they will see God’s Hand in my healing! Amen.

This is sticking with me so I just want to share it wiht you. I know it will continue to encourage me, I hope it encourages you, my pastor said in the message yesterday: “Anytime we are not following God, we are following man.”

I’m going to follow God. Going to listen and talk to Him in my work today. ღ

 Be Blessed Loves and …ღ…Love Simply…ღ…