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Divine Rest

I barely finished writing a status about my day; in it I questioned my choices of coffee or a nap for a bit of refreshing or restoration, then I checked my e-mail, with every intention of signing out and getting into the Word with that coffee or just prior to that nap. And there it was,again. Father God, faithful to His ways in my life, was answering me, immediately, in devotional form.

Praise Break!

I must say that while I struggle with the circumstances and enjoy the blessings of this life of mine my central comfort is God‘s predictable faithfulness to me! Even during the very rough phases He caresses my spirit with contentment.

Back to the subject of rest….

Genesis 1:5


“God called the light ‘day’, and the darkness He called ‘night’. And there was evening and there was morning.” Genesis 1:5

Ancient Hebrew time and calendars defined the day as from sundown to sundown. Where did this come from? God, in the bible, in Genesis, and several other scriptures I will provide later. The Hebrew people scheduled their DAYS  thusly: They rested, they rose and then they worked.

Rest is the source and fuel for work. That is what the God of our creation intended, according to the Word. Rest was not just simply a recovery from our labors. No, it was sacred time wherein God fulfilled His covenant with us and began the day He would make; the day we would be glad and rejoice in!

God’s sacred rhythm is  REST – RISE – WORK. 


Mature and teachable Christians know that when we sync our lives to the will of the Father all of the promises and blessings abound, abundantly. It stands to reason that if we sync our internal clock to God’s Eternal clock we will enrich our connection with Him while at rest, as well as in what we have been trained to believe is our “day” time.

Pastor and author Eugene Peterson describes this ancient rest-first rhythm:

“This Hebrew evening/morning sequence conditions us to the rhythms of grace. We go to sleep, and God begins his work. As we sleep he develops his covenant. We wake and are called to participate in God’s creative action. We respond in faith, in work. But always grace is previous. Grace is primary. We wake into a world we didn’t make, into a salvation we didn’t earn. Evening: God begins, without our help, his creative day. Morning: God calls us to enjoy and share and develop the work he initiated. Creation and covenant are sheer grace and there to greet us every morning.”

Could this be why the bible promises us that “His mercies are new each morning”? Is this the reason that many of us wake each morning, with Praise and Worship songs playing in our heads and spirits. Oh! I just thought they were a gift of peace for Father God each morning, and they are, indeed, but quickly I came to know that they were guidance or preparation for the work and labors ahead of me that day. And when I paid attention and operated in obedience it lightened those labors and allowed me to release the burdens of those more trying days.

Rachel Olsen, over @   said in her devotional blog post; that I am adapting this from:

“I see each night’s rest as something important, something to prepare for – and something important that prepares me. I’ve long known that rest prepares me physically to rise and work again, and now I’m finding it prepares me spiritually to rise walk in grace and faith.

 As I lie down, close my eyes, pray, and slip from consciousness, I do so with the understanding that it is God who holds everything together during my temporary absence from the world. And it’s Him who will continue to hold everything together when I rise and work in the coming daylight. At no point – day or night – am I independent of Him. He even has the power to direct my dreams should He desire.

So I’ve developed a theology of sleep that punctuates my days. It helps me see my nights and my rest as set apart and holy. It helps me to see God as I lay myself down to sleep. In fact, it helps me see that it is He who lays me down for the gracious gift of rest.”

I am going to renew my thinking and enhance my rest with a Theology of Sleep!

 Each night I prepare for my rest in the Word and in prayer. I often fall asleep praying in the spirit, in gratitude for my life, even at the end? beginning ?? of the worst days. Thanking God for His faithfulness, Jesus for my salvation and the Holy Spirit for the wisdom to navigate this life of mine (whether I obeyed or not; there remains the opportunity for gratitude when in hindsight I realize God spoke the solution, even if I didn’t listen!).

 I find it amazing that through what meager obedience I adhere to, from day to day in this life of mine,  God has already set me on His Divine schedule. Simply meager obedience will afford one the utmost attention from our Heavenly Father. Imagine the favor for daily intentional obedience!!! I walk in that often, and I can testify that it is amazing…and when I fail it is exhausting.

Alas, perfection is found only in Christ!

I can only encourage you to think about this concept and apply it to your life. Think of all those days complaining that your work day is exhausting and stressful. Think about those sleepless nights, followed by those days when you have to muddle through your work day in a daze, hoping only for the sleep replacement that never really is accomplished. Imagine if you will, having energetic mornings, enjoyed with your husband and kids. Productive work days, when you can honestly say you worked as unto the Lord. Worth a shot, wouldn’t you say?  🙂

Check out these scriptures that explain and direct us into this divine schedule…into God’s Divine Rest. ❤

Blessings Loves ❤

Genesis 1:7,8


Genesis 1:7-8, “So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. God called the expanse ‘sky.’ And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.” (NIV)

Psalm 3:5, “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.” (NIV)

Colossians 1:17, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (NIV)

I’d like to thank Proverbs 31 Ministries and Rachel Olsen for todays motivation. Because I have had some serious writers block of late, and I believe I might have just been given the solution!

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Being Still and Knowing God is God No Matter Where I Am in Me.

As I stand at the center of my chaotic life, I wonder…

with amazement that there is a calm. Yet I wander off kilter from time to time, causing the unsettling symptoms of vertigo. Standing, unsteadily , as the camera pans in ever quickening and expanding circles, my stomach turns over and over with the stress of it all. “STOP!” my overburdened mind begs. ” I want off of  this carnival merry- go- round!” As I look down at myself at the center of it all, I realize  it is  not a harmless merry-go-round, but the terrifying heights of the  ferris wheel, creeking and groaning, stuck at the very top and the vertigo sways my stomach once again.

So much has occured this summer. Illness, captivity, lonliness, frustration, loss, and anger, always anger, tempered somehow with joy, success, fellowship and healing. Like I said chaios.  

So why is my life this way? Why does this part of the transition of my life seem so very unstable? I don’t know, but this lack of control over my own life is testing me to my very core. Coming from a middle aged woman who has survived so much abuse and adversity that is saying a lot.

I know that I have been given all the things necessary for life and Godliness, that I have been given all things necesary for life and life more abundantly. I have and enjoy the very favor of God.  So I guess it’s the Godliness that I am learning here…because life is what it is, one must just flow and remain in Christ to endure that.

What exactly is Godliness? Let’s be honest only God, and Jesus, because He was God, even while on the earth, are capable of true Godliness!

Godliness is denoting character and conduct determined by the principle of love or fear of God in the heart, is the summing up of genuine religion. There can be no true religion without it: only a dead “form” (2 Timothy 3:5).

Numbers 14:24 “my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.” Caleb is a portrait of Godliness; and there were many, He trusted God and moved forward in that. I relate to Caleb, I was even told, by my first Pastor, that I had his tenaciousness very early in my walk. No matter what I pride myself on doing what I know to do, whether I feel it or not, whether it appears to be working or not. God is God, no matter my circumstance…that is the mantra. That is the Truth of the matter.

Godliness is equated to living as closely as one can to God’s Word. I try, but at times like this, when I weary and am too alone, all of the time, I waiver. It’s okay, right? I mean God made me who I am and I am only human, so it’s okay to let go sometimes and just wallow in my sorrow and mire. Right? right? feel sorry for myself and my situation…No. It isn’t alright. It isn’t Godliness, it isn’t even trying.

The bible says that God’s grace is enough for me. I say God’s grace is enough for me, so I stand back up…like in Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 2:1 and 2 “…He said to me, “Son of man, stand up, and I will speak to you.” As he spoke to me, the Spirit entered me, stood me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me.”

I’ve stated here, many times, that I am blessed to audibly hear the Lord. Call me crazy, many do, but one thing you  cannot prove to me, you cannot take from me, is that I hear God. No one can take that from me, no one. So I can relate to that scripture.When I stand firm God speaks to me, clearly. 

God’s voice is peaceful and calm, described poetically in the bible, as that “still small voice”.

In fact God is the very origin of peace and calm; still (whisper/calm) small (fine) voice (noise).

When I am anxious, fearful or angry, the voice yelling in me is not God (trying to get my attention), he does not operate that way. The noise in my head is probably me, preventing myself from hearing from God. The Word says he does not leave nor forsake us, so in these times when we feel seperated from God, we aren’t. We just are not calm enough or peaceful enough to hear Him!

In 1 Kings 19 God showed up to speak to Elijah. You see Elijah was running from Jezabel who had vowed to kill him, lets just relate Jezabel to life’s struggles, he was tired and emotionally spent and said to God: “I’ve had enough now Lord. Take my life! I’m no better than my ancestors.” and with that he lay down under a tree and slept.

Sounds very much like life got the best of him. Seems fear, depression and discouragement got the best of good ole Elijah! Much like in our walk through the more difficult, even tragic circumstances of life. Later after an angel ministered to him and he traveled for 40 days it was then  God spoke to Elijah, and Elijah could finally hear His voice.

Isn’t that the truth. When I indulge in depression and discouragement they take over and the experience for many can be quite a long time. Well in that time God does bring help, but because we have submitted to the sin, it takes time for the ministering to get through. More often than not because we are quite finished with our pitty party. Thank goodness our God is faithful to finish the work He began in us.

So the Lord said to Elijah, “Go out and stand in front of the Lord on the mountain.” As the Lord was passing by, a fierce wind tore mountains and shattered rocks ahead of the Lord. But the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake. But the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. After the earthquake there was a fire. But the Lord wasn’t in the fire. And after the fire there was a quiet, whispering voice. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his coat, went out, and stood at the entrance of the cave. Then the voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

You see, even Elijah, a mighty man and prophet of God got bogged down by fear and depression…and if you read 1 Kings 18 you will come to know that this was immediately, IMMEDIATELY after a great victory for Elijah. The decent was that fast!

At the end of the day Elijah was a man, like you and I; there is even scripture that says exactly that. Even Jesus, while here on earth, experienced the human feelings and constraints we experience in our day to day lives. We see Him cry out to Father God in the garden of Gethsemane, to remove the burden He is bearing.

Both men though, Elijah slowly, and Jesus immediately were calm and heard from God. In the peace and calm that we develope within a God reverential lifestyle we can not only hear, but understand and accept the processes of our growth in Christ.

So why is my life so frustrating right now? Healing in my body and apparently other areas of my life is taking place. I am learning to live and function on another level. I am learning to rely solely upon God for my life, my Godliness and my abundance. So I’m guessing that I have to be content with my life as it is now because it will lead to the desires of my heart, where I will be more fruitful for the kingdom.

Life is not fair. I dread the lonliness and detest the emotions and weakness therein that I feel too often. I am frustrated by the captivity of no car and restricted health (although both are very, very temporary).

So I stop, gather my wits and begin again. I will learn to be content with where I am in life and in Christ, so that I can have the fullness of the Godliness that God has for me.

I wrote this awhile back:

“The peaceful, silent pause, in the music of my life, wherein I hear God.” ADH™

That is where I need to learn to be…in that silent pause…<3

Blessings Loves



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Ewan Eliezer’s Army ~ An Act of Divine Intervention

For a bit over two weeks a measure of people, the number which will likely never be know to this writer, were gathered by a tiny child whose mission was to turn the lost back again to the Father. His mission was swift and completed in full in a very short time. I have never, and dare say may never again, witness such a move of God on the hearts of His children in such a manner. It was nothing short of an amazing act of divine intervention.

This was written as a tribute to Ewan Eliezer Petermann and to the strength and courage of his parents, Kirsten and James Petermann.

I ask that who read this pray for Kirsten and James and their whole family in this time of great loss. Ewan’s mission is not finished, his tiny ripple in our existance continues to widen and will eternally touch lives and turn hearts to God. I stand in awe of God, of His faithful servant Ewan, who likely knew his mission from the beginning, and of the knowledge that each of us have a calling that we are compelled to fulfill.

My goal is to be courageous like the Petermanns, to be fearless like Ewan and to touch the hearts of many and turn the lost to God. With this meager offering I hope to touch you.

Be a Blessing Loves.

Tell someone you love them today.

God expects this from us. ♥

copyright belongs to Kirsten Petermann


Divine Intervention: The Ewan Eliezer Petermann Story – [flash story form]

On a sunny, autumn Saturday morning a warrior was born in the northern most point in the west. A price already on his life, he would be here a very short time. His mission to turn  an immeasurable amount of souls back to the father  during and after his life. His work would be swift and complete in its divine mission.

Knowing the risks of bringing this tiny life into the world the warriors parents chose his life, against all the odds. Really, it was their calling, their mission, to follow and endure all that this act of obedience to their faith would hold. Amidst all that would happen they would come to this realization in amazement.

An army was gathered, given all of the particulars and the assignment to pray, always in agreement, led by the faithful parents. E-mails, blog posts, pictures, tweets and status reports  carried the message of the little warrior and the rally to pray.

Pray they did, each and every soldier. Each prayer holding up the arms of mom and dad, like Aaron and Hur did for Moses, to bring the victory.

The little warrior’s name essentially  means, ‘Youthful Warrior of God’s Grace is God’s Help’. This was not lost on his parents, who quickly realized that they had given their little warrior the name God had intended. It brought further peace knowing that this child, a very young David, after God’s own heart, was chosen, divinely.

Ewan’s army was gathered, and in two weeks innumerable people, from all corners of the earth, were praying in unity. Many were not believers when they began, but seeing the face of God in the actions of others were reconciled to the father, by the life of this little warrior.

You see, some come into the world for a very short time, yet have the highest callings and divine intervention at hand. Through a tiny broken heart nations were gathered and told of the saving grace of God. And when the little warrior was called home again, too soon after having arrived, he left his broken heart in his mother’s chest so she would always remember her little warrior’s mission.

With that he was called home at the word’s of our Father, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.”


The Picture of Ewan to the far right of this post will take you to Team-Ewan’s blog where you can find the entire story of his dynamic life.

Blessings Loves.  ♥



…the road to the Narrow Gate of Heart Health

The Narrow Road to Heart Health


A late summer, early morning trip to Heart Health! 

On the way to Deborah Heart and Lung Center where I receive care for recent heart issues. This is a billboard painting on the side of the Garden State Parkway over pass on the way to the center. 

My view of ‘street life’… 45 and on the road to finding the narrow gate of  Divine Health. 

Although for a bit of local ‘street life’, you can see some local graffiti on the overpass pillar to the left. =D 

“…and the road that lead to life are full of trouble. Only a few people find the narrow gate.” 

Matthew 7:14 


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