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Through Christ…I can…

I’ve started working the book Power Thoughts with my bible study girls!

Can someone say that God is Omniscient!!! Seriously, we’ve been learning the essential attributes of God at mid-week service @ FCMC (my church home). We have spent at least 2 and hopefully   this week delving into the depth of Who God is.

Well with this study? improvement work? I’m doing with God and the girls, He, God has proven that He truly does know the end from the beginning! He knew I would be here today doing this, in awe of His faithfulness and omniscience!

The focus is: Over the course of your life recall some of the trials you have faced. How has God used them to bring something good to your life?

Now don’t get squirrelly on me! Think about this…take some time (that’s what the book tells us to do…Think About It.). My trials have been mentioned in this blog many times and they remain:

  1. My childhood
  2. My mother’s “illness”
  3. Dad being gone & an alcoholic when he was around.

God has used our trials and tragedies to get us where we are today. We, on the other hand, have either allowed the bad to create good in us or totally made it impossible for God to turn things for our benefit. What have you done? I’d imagine, like me, a good bit of the latter, and hopefully we are getting better at the former!

All of this causes emotional issues in our lives. So now we think and decide, like most people of the world, with our emotions.

Well God tells us… ‘ do not follow the patterns of this world…’

We cannot think or, God forbid, make decisions through or by our emotional state. Feelings are transient, they change from moment to moment and they effect our ability to go from God’s Glory to Glory!

* “Do not make major decisions during a storm”. ~ Joyce Meyer

* “Let emotions subside before you decide.” ~ Joyce Meyer

For me, I consider my biggest emotional challenge in any storm that arises in my life is ANGER. That big ‘ole, ugly monster and his dangerous cousin Rage.

So what can be done? Think on this, consider your situation.

Anger, for me, seems impossible to conquer. I have worked through inummerable levels of this stuff in me. That veritable peeling of the onion that is Andrea…and most all of that black, dusty, and moldy powder was and is anger. Some of that black mold has damaged and wounded layers of me…But God, Jahovah Raphe, the LORD is my healer, is dealing with that.

So I come to this Power Thought: I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ.

I have strength for all things in Christ WHO empowers me; I am ready for and equal to ANYTHING through Him WHO infuses inner strength into me; I am sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. Philippians 4:13

I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ.

IN CHRIST I am sufficient…I am equipped, I am able…to do WHATEVER I NEED TO DO.


You see loves, God empowers YOU and I and we are sufficient to handle these personal tragedies and trials in us. WE are able, through Christ, who gives us His strength to rid ourselves of all things that are contrary to God.

And this all begins and is possible by correct use and renewing of our minds. The Battle is in the Mind.

I’m Changing My Mind and Improving My Life.

Blessings Loves