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Resolved to inquire of the LORD…

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Good Morning Loves!  ♥

I am very grateful to be writing right now.

Andrea - Writer: Write down the vision and make it plain...Hab. 2:2


I had to change my perspective. In my heart I decided I wasn’t a writer!  In my head blogging was not writing…so I even got lax!

I was losing heart!

Well all my blogging friends, I’m sure you will be glad to know that Blogging is Writing! Like you all need me to tell you. However, I am grateful that all of your dedicated blogging was instrumental in getting me back to my calling!

 Keeping me safe and warm in your words while I struggled to find mine.

I find it amazing how quickly thinking like the World, even in one small area, can cause a Spirit to fail.


Far too long I have failed at God‘s merciful restoration of my passion to write.

Too long I have wallowed in my perceived inadequacies. Even coming to the point of truly buying into the “I don’t have the time…”

Really! I am a semi-retired social worker who enjoys the freedom  of a very part-time gig as the Church Secretary! NO time??? REALLY!

The last several days…weeks, of devotionals and motivationals have been a reality check.

A Spiritual Reality Check!

 I thank all of you, and I thank God for all of you.

First it was Habakkuk 2:2 from Kim Potter’s motivational…Write the Vision Down…

Next was Lysa TerKeurst encouraging us to study one or two words in a scripture for depth of meaning…and another place, at the same time I got Joel 2:11-13 “Even now…” and …

Revelation 2: 1-7  RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE, from where I don’t remember.

This morning I read a post from Proverbs 31 Ministries; Losing Heart by Marybeth Whalen…which spoke to a devotional note from yesterday, and I am sorry, I do not recall where this came from.

I really do glean from many devotionals and motivational blogs, all sharing and teaching God’s Word!

The note said something to this effect, ‘ my feelings indicate what I am going through in a situation and that these feelings cannot, should not, dictate my reaction.’

2 Chronicles 20:3 “Alarmed, Jehoshaphat resolved to inquire of the LORD, and he proclaimed a fast for all Judah.” and now I remember where I got the above note!! 🙂 Lysa TerKeurst’s blog!

Thank You, Holy Spirit for bringing that to my memory. Scripture is so true! Praise God!

Lysa was taken by the fact that Jehoshphat’s name was sandwiched between his dilemma and his solution.

God presents us with a choice in our circumstance, our situations and even our trials and tribulations!

We have a choice….between our Alarm and our resolution.

Resolution: the act of answering or resolving. Something that is resolved, having firm resolve. A decision or determination.


In this mornings devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries I gleaned this gem:

“Therefore, since through God we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.” 2 Corinthians 4:1

Have you ever lost heart in something you wanted to do? A goal? A passion? Your calling in Christ?

What is on your heart to do? Have you lost heart?

Losing heart is so very easy if we look to our natural circumstances.

Really! I decided I didn’t have time in my ‘busy’ existence.

Yes! existence, I wasn’t living! I was becoming overwhelmed with my personal decisions about what was important and what I could manage to do. Everything ran together and my focus was scattered.

This happens much too often in my life these days! Therefore this day…

I am resolved to inquire of the LORD…

Only through his mercy do I have this ministry of writing.

Even though I battle feelings of inadequacy in this area I REFUSE TO LOSE HEART!

I am going to use the scriptures that spoke to me from Marybeth Whalens devotional today

, and I thank her, deeply!


…always pray and do not give up. Luke 18:1resolve to inquire of the Lord!

…remember we are being renewed daily. 2 Corinthians 4:16…renew your mind in the Lord!

…focus on the harvest to come…it will come if we do not give up! Galatians 6:9…focus on the things of the Lord!

…have comfort in your ability to approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12-13…where the Lord is there is Freedom!

…remember that nothing compares to what Jesus endured for us and His ministry. Hebrews 12:3…the Lord endured the Cross, sin, inadequacy, trials…so that we would not have to…His true ministry was to Save All the World.

Nothing…NOTHING compares!

In Christ we can do all things!

” I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. ” Philippians 4:13 – Amplified.

I thank You, Father, right now for the women who are dedicated to sharing and teaching Your Word out here in the blogosphere. I thank You that You have shown mercy on me and restored my skill and passion for writing, and that You have chosen me to join the ranks of women such as these! I am excited and daunted by this task, and give all the Glory to You LORD! May I please You with my words. May I Glorify only YOUR NAME.

I resolve, LORD, to inquire of You alone when I feel my hope and my passion waning again. I will inquire of YOU. In Jesus’ name, amen.

What is it that you have been losing hope in Love?

I encourage you to resolve to inquire of the LORD…there you will find the definitive answer to your dilemma. There you will find the only true answer.

Blessings Loves ♥




Author: Hopeannfaith

Welcome, I'm Andrea ... HOPEannFAITH ... I write and take pictures as a way of expression. These are gifts given by a loving and indulgent Father, to a headstrong and stubborn daughter, with much to say. A semi-retired social worker/secretary, I now call myself a writer. I've published one internet article and written many blog posts. However, publishing does not make one a writer, anymore than taking a box camera to the park makes one a photographer. What makes one who and what they are? Well God for one ... formed me before the foundations of this world (Psalm 139); and many, many years after putting away my passion for wordsmithing and picture taking He gave it back ... in droves. I am a culmination of my choices and experiences. It is here that my experiences color the world in print and color. It is my goal to reach just one soul a day with love ... encouragement ... understanding or just letting that soul know that they are not alone where they are today. This is about creating ~ all of it. Creating a HOLY and SACRED place where the ugly truth can be healed and the beauty of a moment or a tear can brighten a day for the experience. Why HOPEannFAITH? Hopeannfaith is my inner child, and she is maturing, as she should have done all along. She is learning all about how Faith fulfills Hope. She is learning how to live. HOPEannFAITH ~ the wonder twins all wrapped up in one, me. These are my Journey Journals ~ written and visual. I welcome your company. I welcome your friendships. My Journey is in the light ~ although I have and will share the shadowy corners and the dark ~ so you know that you are never alone there. If we hold hands in the dark, and we walk, side by side, through the shadow, we will reach the Light together. In relationship with one another and with the Light. Blessings.

One thought on “Resolved to inquire of the LORD…

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t give it up! If anything, writing is therapeutic! There’s healing in banging away on the keyboard and getting those things out. And because I have to research verses etc it keeps me in the word too! Win win 🙂

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

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