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5 minutes of Understanding from the Holy Spirit

HOPEannFAITH hosts ‘Few Words Thursday’

I had heard and saw the blogging community participating in ‘5 minute friday’. Clicking on the picture will take you to the blog of origin, I believe .

Anyhow, the rules…5 minutes of writing…no editing…no over time!

So here goes! {This introduction does not count!}

Last night and this morning I have been a bit miffed at my LOVE! Yes…it happens. Let’s be honest any relationship JOY is a choice we make each day! Even the best of them!

and…My Love and I DO enjoy the BEST of THEM…and never forget that we are blessed in this.

I am leaving this evening for a Women’s ConferenceFCM’s 5th Annual ~ Moving Forward!

It’s a time with God and His other Daughters…getting refreshed just in time for this new season…

When I say season it does not escape me that this season is not only Spring…but also of NEW THINGS God is doing in our lives and our church. It has been a long winter of angst and stretching…

but back to the miff…I don’t want to leave with my LOVE in a grump! So I’ve spent the last 12 hours entered into his mood…and I got miffed. Dinner date last night was strained and I was disappointed…

This morning, rain and all, his mood is no better…and then it came to me.

This is how I behaved and worse, in the past when he had to be away any amount of time…I saw in his demeanor how I felt when he would be leaving soon…

And with that I felt bad…that I had created that feeling in my LOVE…ever.

A Lesson for me…so this morning when he left I kissed him and smiled, hopefully that will bring the sun to this rainy day for him.

I don’t even know if his grump is attached to my leaving…but when the Holy Spirit shows you something in this manner…well the true reason for his mood is of no concern to me, in the lesson, it’s the understanding that I need to be understanding!

Blessings Loves.