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Empty Nest…from there to here…Distance

Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and true and unscripted.


Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how to play along:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.

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It’s a great way to catch your breath at the end of a long week.

This weeks prompt: DISTANCE…


How do I write for 5 minutes when there are NO WORDS?

      Nothing profound.                                                             

and now, MMM Update #2

I prayed...I HOPED.

      Nothing inspirational

      Nothing to motivate

I have risen this a.m. UGLY.

Fatigue has enveloped me of late.

                                                   I know I go to bed too late.

                                                   I have begun resenting that I am the alarm clock of a grown man.

I want, just one morning, to be allowed to sleep…

                   then a thought rises, as the sun glares from the screen…

‘If you sleep in you will be UGLY anyway with that new sensation that you’ve somehow lost precious time…’

Precious time to???




Is this empty nest syndrome?

I seek solace in my solitude…and most days I do well.

But this morning….

I’d like to spend the day with my LOVE…but the grown up says


Wish I could.

The Bills…….

He’s a good, hard working man, with a plan; MY LOVE.

Kiss Good BYE…have a blessed day…

OH and could you….

I used to have a “Career”; sometimes I miss it…

I wanted to work from HOME…I prayed…I hoped...

        I GOT MY BLESSING! GOD ANSWERED….Amazing Grace…


This is my NOW career…

I am blessed…I write…I keep our home a home…



Blessings Loves ♥