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Father, grant me the Serenity …

Let My Words Be Few Thursday...

Let my words be few …

I  believe they will be today!
We – I – try my best to say the most in the fewest words here on HOPEannFaith, and most times I don’t succeed.
So this is an easy prompt, with not many rules or an incredibly small word count requirement.
I hope you join us in encouraging one another in our writing and in our lives.
We – I – would love to share this time and space with you!

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God grant me the Serenity to…

Accept the things I cannot change the…
Courage to change the things I can and the…
Wisdom to know the difference.
I pray this today. I must admit I don’t pray it much more than on Monday evenings among like-minded people.
Did you know that this Serenity Prayer is not in the bible. For the longest time I didn’t know that. Just some FYI.
Today … for days, really, I have been in a strange place. One of quiet frustration and sadness, I think. It feel like a holding pattern. LIMBO…NOTHINGNESS…
So I am praying … in thanksgiving for last nights praise music at church, for the Word brought by my dear friend and Pastor that was God speaking directly to me!
My attitude is out of wack…it has wandered from the path! Even as the blessings flow, I am at a place of wandering just inside the edge of the desert, and I don’t know why.
This has been a year of change, transition and lifestyle correction. There have been losses, yet there has been much more blessing!
God has shown Himself in ways that I cannot ever put into words. Let’s just say there were Miracles and Wonders! He is a good God.
Therefore, today I seek Serenity in HIM.
Serenity is defined as utter calm, a tranquil state, and this one, which I like because in the last 48 hours I have decided that it would be my state on this path… Quietude.
Quietude – an attitude of quiet. I love that.
I’m incapable of that attitude at the moment…which sadly means I am incapable of Serenity. However, in God… I am capable of ALL things, right? RIGHT!
So I am off to this place of Quietude … learning to accept the things that I cannot change and the courage to change what I can…hoping to gain the wisdom to know the difference.
Wishing you Peace and Serenity Loves.
Blessings ♥