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… Catch …. it’s Friday!

Good morning, Loves … my sweet reader friends who bless me with your attention. Once again it’s Friday, when most weeks I hook up with Lisa-Jo @ and her group of 5minute writers; writing my heart for five unedited, poorly spelled and formatted minutes. No worries about grammar or sentence form … just sharing or venting or confiding in and with the group.

This week is the prompt is one that CAUGHT me off guard. Pun intended, you will see … 🙂 A tough one, but when I rested mind I realized something did, instantly, crop up when seeing the prompt.

So please hook up and join us … we love to share this time and space with you. Follow the links provided to blog hop over to Lisa-Jo’s blog to connect with the group and write … write … write, with us!

Ready … Set … GO!


We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  2 Corinthians 10:5

Words … we work with words … we create with words … Words

The bookends of our lives. We begin with Good morning and end with Good night, but in between do we use GOOD words.

When we volley our words about in print and in conversation do we realize that they are caught in the mind and hearts of others?

Do we always remain aware that once someone “catches our drift” of thought and word that those embed themselves in the other becoming the seed to a thought … to a hurt … to a malady.

Words … caught as in a mit, cradled and readied to be pitched back or to another …

Like a pitcher we throw out our thoughts and feelings in words and sometimes they go home … or foul … or sometimes … sometimes they just walk, they encourage and empower … allowing the other release to attain a base for their efforts.

Sometimes our words, caught in a heart, are a home run!


My son was a catcher on his little league team … always frustrated, wanting to be the pitcher, but his pitch was uncontrolled within that small space between the pitchers mound and the batter’s plate. However, as catcher his arm became a cannon and he instinctively knew where to send that ball for optimum play.

We are like this with our words … we are the catchers here at 5 minute Friday … and when Lisa-Jo pitches the prompt we Catch, consider, and then throw our words out there for others to ….

HEADS UP!!!!!!!!!! CATCH!


Blessings Loves!

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This has been a 5 minute post!