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Love … {Day 5}

LOVE: the continual acts of sympathy and empathy; through true Compassion.
A Compassion that does not disparage, any, through prejudice or judgement.

Love is not an emotion …

It is an act … a determined choice to love, when loving is not easy or convenient.

♥ Love ♥

To choose love over retaliation with an enemy, choosing to turn, if at all possible, that enemy’s heart to God.

Choosing to love, in light of hard times, by filling a need where there is a need.

By reaching into the character and heart of God, realizing that the action of LOVE is the only means by which we change this world.

Today God gave me these words … seemingly out of the blue, but I doubt that, He has a reason. Maybe it’s connected to the fact the I, and my husband, are participating in a door to door introduction of our church, in the surrounding neighborhoods today. Definitely out of our comfort zone. Of course I prayed last night at our monthly Friday evening prayer that He would empty me and fill me with Him; make me bold and courageous in this talking to people about Him.

It’s not that I am shy about speaking, even in crowds and groups, it’s this knocking on doors and speaking to individuals that is causing me to doubt me.

More of Him

Well, in this quest I am on it’s about finding HIM in me … and I would imagine that means I need to show others the HIM in me today by stepping, fearfully, out in faith and show others, strangers, His love.

It is this enemy of mine that brings my mind to doubt and my natural abilities to a halt.

It is God … through His Word, that brings me to courage and boldness in His Name … in His Image…

in His LOVE …

I’ve wondered today … Do I show this LOVE? … do I extend this LOVE? … everyday?, when I should?, when I can?

Do I disparage, judge, or show bias in my decision to be the LOVE of God?

Do I decide that today you may not be ready to hear His Truth and pass you by in my exhortations?

Am I loving the way Jesus would love?

Today I began with this Word God gave me … and between now and during the knocking on neighborhood doors, I will continue to prepare myself in prayer that I be permitted by God to be His representative and show His LOVE!

Blessings Loves.