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Expecting the “Unexpected” an experiment … In Five! ~ {day 11}

In five minutes … Boldly … all heart, no logic … just an unedited heart overflowing onto a digital page … this is what Friday is all about … join us!


Unexpected! … Go!

I’m not sure what I expected … but I have often started my day Expecting God … I go to church expecting God … a friend and I ~ Hey Melissa ~ embarked a few weeks ago on an ‘Expecting the unexpected” week …

And I was amazed. I don’t know why … I should never be amazed that God shows up. He always does, faithfully. His word does say seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened to you … does it not?


However, it didn’t always work with such ease. The ease with which I experience Him now … I believe, in my child’s heart, that when Melissa and I embarked on our Unexpected week He decided to play along with His Girls … and we weren’t disappointed.

The thing is I cannot relate any tangible showings for you. I didn’t expect material things … The awesome things are that I was relieved of pain! He showed up at my simple request … I didn’t get tired when I spent a day of exertion with my grandma!

He helped me to comfort in a situation far out of my comfort zone!

He showed up … as I expected He would; but unexpectedly He showed Himself in unexpected ways for me that week … this week …

I think it’s because I believed Him; not just in Him. You know the “in Him” that He is for others; but not for me. Those we see who walk comfortably in the blessings; unlike me who finds the blessings Unexpectedly.

Jesus Cross

Then … God!

Unexpectedly I tapped deeply into the character and heart of God and began to operate in the righteousness that He made me and there it was … the comfort of those blessings.


Forgive my indulgence … I went a touch over the 5 minutes, unexpectedly! 🙂

What was unexpected in your life lately? Did God show up when you didn’t expect Him? Share with us your unexpected heart … unedited!

Blessings Loves!