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Forgiveness … Day 12 of the me He created …

I spent time after church with a new friend. A new Christian, in the very beginning of honestly changing the way she lives. A woman, hurting deeply from a wound inflicted by the one she loves and trusts; a woman stepping into the Kingdom of God and shedding the bondage of a cruel and dying world.

That world stepped up to stop her this week … and with every fiber of her being she took heart and walked into church again Sunday morning; into the loving arms of a family she didn’t know would be hers a year or so ago.

I was blessed to be her counsel. Awed that God would use me and the she would trust me. To be able to tell her about forgiveness and what it will do to mend heart, her relationships. Blessed to be able to truely minister to her from what was my deepest misery. Blessed to be trusted by God and by my new friend.

Forgiveness … something I was incapable of a short few years ago, myself, for similiar reasons and more.

Forgiveness … something I’ve learned heals a heart and a body.

Forgiveness … something that knits the bones of a relationship with a stronger bond for the courage that goes into it.

She blessed me more than I blessed her, Sunday. She made it possible for me, again today, to forgive those for the oldest wounds, within myself, with her tears; for the memory of my own …

Surprised at who He made me to be for yesterday … excited to see who He makes me to be for tomorrow.

Captive Thoughts

Captive Thoughts

 Forgiveness … it is the moment we touch the divine and are truly the image of God … We forgive and love like we never hurt a day in our lives … ♥ giving up hope that the world will be different and trusting God that we, ourselves have changed. ~ A.Hutchinson

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