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Grow … Good Ground and Day 16

Five Minute Friday … where we meet and share a quick visit and our hearts in a bold and unedited way …

no masks, no facades, just what happens when a heart meets the keyboard without reservation …and I’m hitting the timer in the wee hours of the morn! (first time I was up and got the e-mail)¬†ūüôā Follow the link at the end and join us … this is where writing truly reveals the writer.

GROW … Go!

Breaking through Earth's Crust

When I typically think of grow(ing) I think of children … specifically my children, obviously. Oh¬†and did they grow; into men. I guess I never truly thought about that when they were running in the sun and jumping puddles¬†in canvas sneakers.

Now when I think of grow(ing) it is a different grow … it’s a growth of the¬†Spirit … the growth of a relationship with God. One where my entire family is planted to grow in the Garden of God‘s Eden. What He would have us grow into and what fruit we would produce.

And then I think about the parable of the sower and I hear¬†His voice asking the questions …

Where has¬†My seed landed today Girl … are you good ground? Are you allowing My Word to grow within you, stretching your very spirit, blooming into the flower I made you to be …

Basking in the Sund

He has a¬†sweet way of making the hard ground of my heart soft and pliable; suitable for cultivating the seed of His Word within me … today I am pliable … today I will strive to feed the soil of this heart with time with God in His Word, in Praise and Worship … in His very presence …

Walking in the cool of the morning with Him … a closer walk than yesterday!


pictures added after the 5! Blessings Loves!