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Renew the Mind ~ 31 Days of Focus #4

Hello again. Here I am at 10:30 at night getting in my DAY 4 Post for 31 Days of Focus.

My focus today was skewed, as it is sometimes. Got to bed late last night and slept in too long this morning, so I spent an hour praying and thanking God for the day. A good start to a delayed day, I’d say.

Though I prayed my day remained disjointed. I couldn’t shake the funk, so I called my sponsor and she firmly (to my aggravation) told me to stop feeling the way I did about a subject, before I could get my thought out. Well I don’t have this problem with God …

Now don’t get me wrong, my sponsor is an amazing person and has put up with much from me; there was much to fix in me and she was the first to truly work through all of it with me. But … she’s human, and whether she wanted to get me to the point quickly so we could move on or she felt it was the best choice today, that doesn’t work for me.

Sometimes I just need to be heard.

So I was trolling Facebook today and ran across a status from a Pastor on my friends list, it caught me because it sounded like Psalm 91 (my favorite scripture) and I found it inspiring for a day, when once again, I’m not feeling this life of mine.

“I will follow Him one step at a time and that is all He requires of me. If He leads me up a cliff He will equip me thoroughly for the strenuous climb. He has given His angels charge over me, to preserve me in all my ways. I will keep my mind stayed on Him and enjoy His presence regardless my present journey. I will walk by faith and not by sight, trusting Him to open up the way before me. He is God.” ~ Gale Alverez

I copied and shared this as my status today, and it remained my focus.

God is God and remains on the throne and Lord of my life no matter what I go through.

A tornado slams a tree into my house … God is on the throne.

I have high blood pressure and feel physically bad … God is on the throne.

I’m not feeling my life … God is on the throne.

… and he has prepared me for my journey that day!

In Gale’s status she has the line “He has given His angels charge over me, to preserve me in all my ways.”Which is actually line verse 11 in the 91st Psalm. It’s the line the drew me in … not because of the angels, but because I recognized Psalm 91 and I knew He was guiding me on this day of numbness.

I honestly don’t know what’s up. I’m depressed and I truly don’t know why, nothing overt is happening. The trials and transitions in my life, while difficult, are the same as they were yesterday and a month ago. Plus, with sponsoring and God I am quickly working through them.

I’d like to share my favorite part of Psalm 91 with you … it’s the end. The very special thing about this is that it is a personal letter to us from Father God … that’s write, just put your name after the Dear in the letter and sign it on your heart from Father God … it’s for YOU!

Dear Child,

Because you loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue you;
    I will protect you, for you acknowledge my name.
 You will call on me, and I will answer you;
    I will be with you in trouble,
    I will deliver you and honor you.
With long life I will satisfy you
    and show you my salvation.

Love, Father God

This should be our focus … When we focus on the love God has for us … the love that causes Him to answer our call … the love that causes Him to honor us …honor us! When we focus on this we can not help but shine His love to the world.

And when I am loving the world around me all of a sudden the numbness wears off and I can feel this life again.

Renew the mind … not with worldly knowledge … rather with the knowledge of God and focus. 🙂