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He is God Alone … Day 7 of 31 Days of Focus on God Things

God is Omnipresent … He is everywhere and present all of the time! Time and space do not, cannot, define Him, He is present beyond space and above it.

He is always with us … right by our sides, talking, lovingly guiding and providing for us.

He is faithful. Even in the hard times, even in the bad … He is present, always.

No matter what we experience, He is there to see to it that everything goes according to the plan, His plan.

He is … God Alone … He is on the throne … this is His show. About Him, for Him, in praise to Him.

He is God. And I find this comforting, a relief even. I am grateful that He has all of this in hand, because it is far beyond me where I will even be tomorrow when His sun rises in the east.

I am comforted that as I sleep He watches us from that throne … our ever present protection. Our fortress, my stronghold, my safety. And I sleep well.

There was a shift today, in my internal struggle. I’ve asked for gratefulness and thankfulness. I’ve asked for prayer in this area. I sincerely want to feel love and gratefulness in all things and I believe He has answered. I believe the breakthrough has manifest, I feel there has been a clarification from God about Who He is in my heart.

He is here, He dwells here and I have made more room for Him in a part of this dwelling that was dark yesterday … He is the Light and He has switched on the light in that dark room …

He is God, alone! Amen, Oh what a joyful Amen.

God Alone