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3 Gifts God Gave the World: 31 Days of Focus on God Things.

Day 10:

I focused on God things today … and tonight I went to church. The focus was the Holy Spirit … the tangible presence of God in our lives.

The preacher shared with us what He felt the 3 most important gifts God has given us.

1. Jesus – John 3:16 – given to us by God the Father

2. The Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8 – Given to us by God the Son

3. Baptismal in the Spirit as evidenced by Praying in Tongues1 Corinthians 12:13 – Given to us by God the Spirit

He went on to point out 2 Superior Miracles:

1. The transformation of the sinner into a saint.

2. The gift of the Holy Spirit in tongues; the ability to speak directly to God through the Spirit.

I am grateful for my relationship with God … my relationship with all three of Him in one. I am most grateful today for my ability to pray continually … something I do all day and with my eyes open!

Praying in tongues comforts me … it builds my faith by talking directly to the Spirit of God within me. I am even thankful that when I fall behind what this gift has already done for me brings to me my understanding of it’s importance even when I am waning!

You see my faith is dead without action!

The action of praying in tongues strengthens me to act in the natural in regard to me being who God intended me to be!