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Lifted … 15 of 31 days of God Focus

{Day #15}

I so needed to get over this overwhelming attitude problem I’d been engulfed by lately. Simply just overwhelmed by a feeling of dislike, distaste, discouragement … a really bad attitude. I didn’t feel comfortable with my loved ones.

I had successfully allowed myself to become completely detached. An old behavior … safety measure I had relied upon throughout my life.

And suddenly … God. Not so suddenly … me.

I decided a few weeks ago, not very long at all, that I would pray. The bible says to pray continually and in thanksgiving…

Oswald Chambers said Whichever way God engineers circumstances, the duty is to pray. in a devotional I’ve read in the last few days.

So I prayed … in thanksgiving … continually, when ever I thought about things. I prayed for the sick, for my family, for my church, for my Pastors, for the trees, the clouds … I prayed about everything … and more, and again.

I prayed.

So on Sunday during worship, I prayed some more. More specifically, that if the anxiety I felt in my heart was not a red flag from Him personally that He remove it.

That moment it lifted! That moment … and the praise music filled me as I gushed with thankful praise to my God.

God and I have been working on an attitude problem (mine of course) and that moment was the beginning of a breakthrough …

Wherever God has dumped you down in circumstances pray, [spontaneously cry out] to Him all the time. “Whatsoever ye ask in My name, that will I do.”” ~ Oswald Chambers