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Lighter … 16 of 31 Days of God Focus

Breaking Through to the Other Side of It …

{Day 16}

The prayer in this photo is not mine … but I’ve adopted it, Lysa TerKeurst suggested it on her Facebook page today, and it inspired the photo. The photo is a year old … and one I originally made with a psalm on it … but it was what came to mind when I decided that God and Lysa were speaking to me! Well … God through Lysa!
This prayer vigil I am on … this attitude adjusting prayer thing has lead to a lighter feeling. God lifting from my heart that angst … that feeling of total discomfort … Oh how faithful is our Heavenly Father.

When I tell you my attitude was bad, well you couldn’t see it unless you knew me well. I was faking it and not making it! I was all about not feeling it (anything) I had wallowed in my bad attitude … my resentment long enough that I didn’t feel … and when I don’t feel I can’t feel God either.

My dislike of circumstances had caused me to isolate … and I wasn’t focusing on God … or God things. I was focusing on me and me things … BAD idea!

Well, like I said yesterday God lifted it and today I feel lighter … Free, like a weight was lost. I could breath deeply and feel relief … God was extending His blessing from yesterday into today …

Oh! how much I am loved … how much He loves us!

This is what prayer does … it frees us of ourselves and allows God to see to the circumstances.

Prayer changes things … people … circumstances.

You labour at prayer and results happen all the time from His standpoint. What an astonishment it will be to find, when the veil is lifted, the souls that have been reaped by you, simply because you had been in the habit of taking your orders from Jesus Christ.”

~ Oswald Chambers