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IN-Filled … 17 of 31 Days of God Focus


{Day 17}

“The Lord will accomplish what concerns me” Psalm 138:8

Literally one of my favorite scripture verses. And it fits with the post for this day! God is faithful and while this post is for yesterday God made certain that I would find His intended words to explain how my focus on Him broke through days and weeks of mire and freed me to be once more INFILLED by His Spirit.

Church was amazing … after literally weeks of trudging through the mire of my heart just to milk a little from His Word to soothe my ravaged heart I was once again Filled … the indwelling of the Spirit of God was made tangible once again.

I posted this as my status after church

Refreshed at church tonight … God and I have been working on an attitude issue lately (mine of course) and Sunday I asked Him to lift a heart issue if it wasn’t a flag from Him … He lifted it instantly! Tonight church was amazing … I learned and revelation was expounded upon! So grateful that God gave me a tenacious personality, so grateful He taught me perseverance … so grateful for a teaching Pastor!

It’s amazing to look back, quickly, and see how God has worked on your behalf yesterday … It’s amazing how faithful and wonderful He is to His more stubborn children. It seems to me that He is kinder to us raucous kids, He uses a softer touch. Knowing the why of our choices, it seems He talks louder and comforts more tender those of us who get lost in old “safety” behaviors.

We, His broken kids.

I really decided I was not safe … and so I retreated into the numb and unfeeling. You see, then I couldn’t get hurt. But … that is not focusing on God! It is not trusting God!

I’ve found that when I isolate … when I refuse to feel … I separate myself from God, I create a chasm.

So what does God do? He reaches deep within me and whispers PRAY! And I did (am) and I prayed when I didn’t feel anything. I prayed through it …and

See … God assumes responsibility for accomplishing what concerns you in times of trouble. Your job is to believe that He will fulfill His purpose, His power is adequate, and He’ll keep every promise. When the trial has achieved His goal, He’ll remove it. Until then, keep walking with your eyes on Him.

I’ve heard it said that God has done all He is going to do … well … I am here to say that God works on my behalf daily … reminding, encouraging and loving me … even when I am my worst me He does for me what I will not or cannot do for myself.

He PERFECTS what concerns me … and He does the same for YOU!