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This is not the Christmas season

A must read … Let us slow down and wait upon the birth of our Lord and Savior!
“Let’s bring it back, shall we? Let’s reclaim Christmas for Christ by waiting for His birth to celebrate it. Let’s turn off the Christmas tunes for a minute, light a few candles (traditional Advent decorations), and play “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” It is haunting, profound, healing, and perfectly captures everything I love about this time of year.”

The Matt Walsh Blog

****This is a guest post written by Chrissie Dhanagom. You can contact Chrissie here:****

This is not the Christmas season.

Just thought I’d bring it up, because you wouldn’t know it from walking into your local Walmart, turning on the radio, or taking a stroll around the block. In fact, according to the gods of retail, it’s been Christmas since the day after Halloween. Of course there was that Thanksgiving blip in the middle but, hey, the décor meshes well enough.

This Sunday is the beginning of a time of year that many Christians have traditionally observed as a period of preparation for Christmas. It’s called Advent, which is from the Latin verb for “to come.” Christmas is soon to come, but it is not here yet.

To recognize that reality is to see that Christmas is more than just a mother and father gazing peacefully at their newborn…

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30 Day of Thankfulness in November inspires Thankful 365 on HOPEannFAITH!


HOPEannFAITH Blog is about Intentional Living:Thinking Positively on Purpose. Love, God, Relationships. The Important Things in Life!

That being said, participating in 30 Days of Thankfulness on Facebook truly started a very purposeful and positive thing in my life! With all that is going on;  The Hubs going through rigorous chemo and radiation, which by the way, he is handling so very well, praise God, my youngest going to court and possibly facing incarceration, but willing to pay the price he deserves and just how life is through all of this, this daily recording of what I am thankful for had truly helped me.

That was one long sentence … I am grateful at this moment that writing is a creative venture so … 🙂

So I’ve decided, for me, that I need to keep this as a daily practice. Almost like a diary of my gratitude and blessings. A blog is a diary, if you really think about it. Just not so private, so as to keep the ups and downs of life out there so that no one feels alone in their challenging life.

Because I am incredibly grateful that stating my thankfulness for thirty days has shown me just how blessed we are. Just looking and recording, each day, what I was thankful for got me through some very rough days. This has inspired me to use my blog for 365 days of Thankfulness! It will keep that positive even in trials flowing and it will keep me writing … so looking for Thankful 365 here at Hopeannfaih tomorrow, December 1st!

I do hope you will join in. I hope this inspires you to count your blessings and be aware of all the love, beauty and joy, even during the hard times in this life, and be thankful, no matter the situation.

God bless.