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Thankful 365 Day 2 … Be Still

Just a quick note.

Waiting … yesterday I discussed Advent and today is the 2nd day of Advent. I shared one of the meanings of Advent being “to wait”.

Waiting is a hard thing in this fast paced, instant coffee life we live today. And while we Christians don’t ( or shouldn’t be) live(ing) in this world’s pace we do reside here. Live and reside have differing meanings right along with the synonymous meaning. I reside in a world that is fallen but choose to live a life that is guided by a living God who loves us, while the fallen world looks to no living God, but rather inanimate things, like the clock.

We have no time to wait is the mantra of many. But through God I am learning to wait on Him.

The world says go, Go, GO!

The Word says … Be still and know that I am God … Psalm 46:10

This season of Advent calls on us to wait. The waiting, the excited expectancy, opens the heart and makes way for Christmas; the wonder and splendor and peace of the season.

I am thankful today that I have matured enough in Christ to be still and wait on God. I’ve come to a place where if I know I can’t handle a thing that I go directly to the throne room of Jehovah Jireh and sit at His feet and sing His praises!

I am thankful that this child who took care of her siblings and her mother at a much too young age can now enjoy, yes ENJOY the safety and security of the one true Father of us all. No mere human, but an almighty Creator that allows me to say … My Daddy is bigger than your Daddy! That is of course unless Your Daddy is my Daddy! =) And at the end of the day He is … you just need to be still enough to allow Him His rightful place in your heart and life.

Won’t you join me at Daddy’s feet? He, we, so would love to have the whole family together as we wait upon Christmas!

Blessings my friends.