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Day 3 – Thankful Advent

Advent … reminding us to wait on Christ … what we actually do is wait on Christ’s second coming. That glorious day when all the sadness of the fallen world we reside in stops and we all are home with Father God.

We wait in preparation … but how does the world define preparation? I believe the world defines preparation as work, while they define waiting as a waste of time, like they are losing something.

Preparation to me is the time I spend with God and the Word making sure I stay on the path God has for me. These days I am prepared for the really hard things.

I must sit and soak in God so that I can take care of my family, my husband, and my grandmother all the while taking care of me … that’s the preparation. If I am not filled with God and resting in Him; both for spiritual and physical rest, I am NOT prepared when things get rough.

And we all know life is rough!

“Waiting teaches us to live life in increments, in small pieces rather than large chunks. Waiting also teaches us to measure our progress slowly. Alcoholics and addicts know this more than most of us: They measure their years of recovery in single days. They know that their waiting in recovery takes place one day at a time.”

Holly W. Whitcomb in
Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

Today I am thankful for the peaceful preparation I am now able to do with God.

Impossible, you say??

Well my answer comes from the deep knowledge I’ve gained from the Word … 🙂 I gained it by waiting on God and soaking in the Word …

“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

This year God has proved this scripture true in my life … This family has endured one tragic hit after another from January when my grandma had to go to a nursing home to December as the Hubs endures chemo and radiation to remove this mass in his lung that is NOT OF our God.

We live, we thrive in and we grow through adversity and while many of those trials and tragedies are NOT OF our God our God sees to it that we come through victorious.

And for that strength and maturity (and yes, I know I have so much more to do) I am so very grateful.

God has fired me into a highly polished wife and mother  … all the titles we ladies wear through life … and I am able to be strong and myself, undamaged and unmarked by the life that we live. This allows my family to smile, laugh, endure, share and grow closer because the caretaker is not curled up in a ball on the couch trembling from life’s circumstances.

For that I am thankful. What are you thankful for today?

Blessings my friends.