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My hero ~ bubba … it saves my hot beverage every time!

bubba HeroI don’t usually do this kind of thing, but I have to gush about this product!

A very good friend bought me this bottle as a gift, in pink, and I’m not even sure where she got it … probably Wal Mart, and I LOVE IT!

This is the perfect thermos/travel bottle ever! It literally keeps my tea HOT for 8 hours and drinkably hot/warm for 16 … and in frigid weather, in the car.

I’ve taken this beverage wonder on treks in the recent frigid East Coast weather for the last month … each morning and left it in the car for an hour at a time to return to HOT delicious tea when I had to trek back home.

Trust me this is the best $6.00 to $ 10.00 beverage related purchase you will ever make. Give it a try! =)

And like I said … I had never heard of bubba brand before and this was a gift … so I have NO links to the company or product, nor am I receiving anything for this post.

Just enjoy! bubba 16 oz HERO bottle fresh tea leaf blue: Home & Kitchen.

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W-hiskey T-ango F-oxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! No, no we are not doing this again …. 😉


This morning The Mr. was a bear. It snowed overnight, which we knew was going to happen, and that’s why he says he was a bear.

Though …. the bear arose last night and after a very uncomfortable and frustrating evening the bear went into VERY early evening (9-ish) hibernation. I was disappointed as I wait to spend the evenings with him (and Saturday), so I find it hard to not get resentful that he spends this time in a nasty mood.

I think … “I don’t deserve this!” … “Why can’t he count his blessings?!” and all those things a sad, upset and disappointed wife feels and thinks when the hubby goes a muck.

And then God reminds me that my response is that of the she bear … nasty and resentful; demanding he change his mood. All the while feeling justified for my behavior, because after all he’s being horrible! Yet, it continues to hurt, this disappointment.

Yesterday I posted ” … now what?” It came from a place of quiet numbness; the cessation of treatments and traveling making me feel a bit lost. Our “temporary circumstance” has ended, at least for 6 weeks; and we have to find a new routine. Maybe it’s affecting him. I asked and he said he doesn’t “feel” done, that he’s waiting for the 6 week PET scan. I guess that though he knows he’s healed, he doesn’t feel released.

I say new routine because I feel we’ve changed tremendously in the last 5 months. Or at least I thought we “both” had, and then he begins acting the way he did before they said the “C” word and he got all squishy and caring about all manners of things he didn’t necessarily notice before the diagnosis. The return to the Bear-tude is another disappointment, and quite frankly the frustration is feeling like resentment. So I sat down with him this evening …

I decided he needed to rest more so I told him we were staying home from mid-week service tonight. He had already been considering it and felt he was feeling better than he thought he would be … yet, when I decided we were staying home he lay down and fell asleep. See, he’s decided to go back and run himself ragged, like before and I’m having none of it! He’s gone back to refusing lunch … and that’s not going to fly either!

Rather than stand silently by, while he returns to his former attitude swings, I am going to be the “Good Wife” hehe.

I will see to it that he rests when he needs to. I will be there in the morning, with a nice lunch for him at the door. It’s going to be like the 1950s here … I’m going to see if the Bear can find the Teddy again. =)


So I sit here, as he sleeps, feeling lonely and alone, as dinner simmers on the stove.

I can’t imagine how he must feel to have to wait, I know I am anxious for God to fully glorify Himself in the results of that PET scan!I just want joyous celebration … even just a little celebration that we have 6 weeks of normalcy ahead. I want to glorify God with our happy gratitude that he’s favored us with provision, and healing, and ease during this long road. So I will … I will glorify Him in praise and worship and prayer for both of us, until The Mr. is rested enough to join me.

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and what now …

Treatments are done … The Hubs had his last Chemo on the 20th and his last Radiation today … so now what?

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? We’re actually looking forward to some normalcy in our day to day. No more two hour rides back and forth for a long Monday of chemicals and boredom and the rest of the week  for a 10 minute procedure.

On the ride home today I was emotional about it being over. Overjoyed and thanking God for the favor. Really except for a bug, some fatigue and the tight purse, the long haul of eradicating lung cancer went quite smoothly. We know that the mass is significantly smaller than it was in the beginning and the chemicals and radiation obviously remain in his body working on the thing even as I write; and he’s off at the store as usual, doing something for me.

We are blessed, we really are. And I know that I know that as the Word of God says, The Hubs is healed. We’ve never wavered on that truth.

so what now ….

We wait. That’s the world’s worst trick … hurry, hurry, hurry … NOW WAIT, we can’t tell you the results yet! So we wait for the next 6 weeks. We get back into our routine, which will be different, because we are vastly different people now. So different than we were 5 months ago.

Life is more raw; and when I say raw I mean that we are much more aware of it. We are more aware of what goes on around us. Much more aware of those around us, what they need, how they feel. It’s a good thing and now we have the time to be there for all those who were there for us all these months.

So I guess the question of what now really isn’t different from any other day … live in the moment, appreciate it, love it and hope that tomorrow brings us blessings to share.

That’s what comes next.

Blessings my faithful readers. =)

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10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

In a week when I, and many, suffered a news report that couples are happier when there are no children, this article is the truth of what I have learned about marriage. In my second and last marriage, and I believe the marriage God ordained for The Hubs and myself, this article contains about ALL of the truth I’ve come to know about marriage, love and relationships … a must read.
Be blessed today my faithful readers and choose to love anyway. =)

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New Year’s Resolutions Simplified | Rachel Olsen

And most importantly, I let my desired transformation in that area rest on God\’s capable shoulders rather than mine. The way I see it, my job isn\’t to change me this year; my job is to stay in a focused, submitted position before the One who creates, redeems and transforms.

via New Year’s Resolutions Simplified | Rachel Olsen.

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Intentional Living … Wholeness of Family in Hutchland

On New Years Eve our Pastor announced that he’d be starting a new series for 2014 on Intentional Living … I simply smiled. Because of course that’s been the goal of this blog for years … though I have drifted in and out and didn’t write very much at all in 2013 … so I see this as a nudge to stay on track. And then I found out the WordPress will assist me (us) in maintaining a writing goal … YAY! So I set mine for once a week and now WordPress will gently remind me to write once a week … I’ll need it.

2013 brought many challenges to Hutchland the worst of which was cancer … The Hubs is doing well, though he got sick for the first time since this all began. It’s been a rough and frankly scary two days. But the fever is down and he has been resting comfortably for about 5 hours, finally! Praise God!

That explains why I missed a post yesterday about resolutions and The One Word Way!

I don’t make resolutions … I choose a word as a goal for the year … and for years it has been Wholeness. Wholeness in one area of life or another … mostly the health area, ever since the heart event, four years ago on June 2, 2014.

However Wholeness involves a WHOLE life … not just one area.

So this year it’s about Wholeness of Family!

I am even going to wear my Wholeness pendant that I got from Lisa Leonard Designs three years ago … You can also follow her on Facebook at Lisa Leonard Designs.

My One Word by Lisa Leonard Designs

My One Word by Lisa Leonard Designs

Mine of course says Wholeness. It’s a good word and a great goal.

You see life is about growing and I think wholeness is about growing as well. Resolutions take away … they speak to losing something to make life better .

Its the adding of things to a life that makes it whole and complete and joyful … that’s why I love the idea of the One Word Movement … you can check it out at Rachel Olsen on Facebook.

Both ladies are from Proverbs 31 Women and EnCourage!

So back to my goal … Family Wholeness.

I wasn’t the greatest mother, we had a hard life my men and I. Then God … about 12 years ago grabbed hold of the Hutchinsons and it’s been growing ever since.

We’ve had hardship and joy … and over those 12 years we’ve all learned to handle this things in life properly. Yes there is a proper way to handle the hardships and joys of life; YES, even the joys. The learning, the living of this life has come to a place of comfortable-ness in the last several months … comfortable-ness during hardships actually.

I am slowly overcoming health and heart issues; my youngest is overcoming, Praise God!, addiction and now The Hubs is stomping all over cancer! Yet we are comfortably dealing with the struggles.

Mark this: We are NOT comfortable in or with the struggles! We are comfortable while we are dealing with the struggles.

The Hubs and I do not own our health issues. We are firm in the faith that those issues are NOT of God, therefore they are foreign matter that must leave our bodies … leading to our Wholeness of body and health. It’s a working out of us what is NOT of God. And anyone who deals with health issues knows it a working goal, each day.

However, God has spoken for 2014 and it began in September (on the 3rd) when we realized our family was more than just us and the boys that were still home! It was time to reevaluate boundaries we had set. Necessary boundaries that had expired and it was time to change them, because we have changed and we were mature enough to handle some of the most severe problems that comes with extended family contact. We were ready to go back to our loved ones … we had grown.

We had to forgive, ourselves first and then those we felt harmed us. I think I did this more knowledgeably then my men. Men, as we ladies know, don’t think or deal with logic in the way we do; and they reject anything that sounds like psycho-babble! =)

But that is the truth of the last 12 years. And in those years we dealt with ourselves and our family and our marriage and now everything is on an indestructible foundation that was set by God. And though fear was at the beginning of these reconciliation (at least for me) we (I) knew that the reconciliations must be made.

After all if God had a religion it would be Reconciliation. And if He reconciled us to Himself then we must reconcile ourselves to the families He put us in … so that we all could be reconciled to Him!

So in 2014 I will be intentionally living to bring Wholeness to Hutchland, beginning with the men that are home.

For me, caring for The Hubs and the family and Grandma and keeping in touch with my reclusive Dad can be frustrating, so for me, it has to be about continually seeing each of them as God sees them. To speak with respect to the men and with love to Grandma and sisters and moms … re-adding all the extended-s back to the family.

Forgetting the hurt and the pain and the abandonment and embracing the Love … just the love of who God put me in the middle of almost 49 years ago.

Wholeness is My One Word again … for the 3rd year.

What word do you chose?

Happy New Year my faithful friends! From Hutchland.