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and what now …

Treatments are done … The Hubs had his last Chemo on the 20th and his last Radiation today … so now what?

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? We’re actually looking forward to some normalcy in our day to day. No more two hour rides back and forth for a long Monday of chemicals and boredom and the rest of the week  for a 10 minute procedure.

On the ride home today I was emotional about it being over. Overjoyed and thanking God for the favor. Really except for a bug, some fatigue and the tight purse, the long haul of eradicating lung cancer went quite smoothly. We know that the mass is significantly smaller than it was in the beginning and the chemicals and radiation obviously remain in his body working on the thing even as I write; and he’s off at the store as usual, doing something for me.

We are blessed, we really are. And I know that I know that as the Word of God says, The Hubs is healed. We’ve never wavered on that truth.

so what now ….

We wait. That’s the world’s worst trick … hurry, hurry, hurry … NOW WAIT, we can’t tell you the results yet! So we wait for the next 6 weeks. We get back into our routine, which will be different, because we are vastly different people now. So different than we were 5 months ago.

Life is more raw; and when I say raw I mean that we are much more aware of it. We are more aware of what goes on around us. Much more aware of those around us, what they need, how they feel. It’s a good thing and now we have the time to be there for all those who were there for us all these months.

So I guess the question of what now really isn’t different from any other day … live in the moment, appreciate it, love it and hope that tomorrow brings us blessings to share.

That’s what comes next.

Blessings my faithful readers. =)