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Begin … Anew …

Begin …

Five Minute Fridays. A time when literally hundreds of dedicated writers, from novice to proficient, come together in one place to write on a one word prompt. The trick is just to write, from your heart for 5 minutes, throwing every rule to the wind to just pour out the words within you. No editing, no elaborate worry about perfection and symmetry; just your heart, your words and this virtual blank parchment.

Going here will explain everything. So write and then encourage! That’s what we do. =)


Morning Rising East

Morning Rising East


Go ...

I’m about to begin a new day … I tend to do that in the silence of my sleeping home.

The Hubs resting comfortably, enjoying the normalcy of a week without chemo and doctor appointments.

The boys (men) sleeping or gaming or just being up in their rooms; possibly planning their new day ahead, possibly just sleeping peacefully with those little boy faces that come back when they sleep. Amazing how we mothers continue to see our innocent babies in our grown children, especially when they are at peace in their dreams.


We begin again with the blessing of new mercies from God, each day. Knowing that we need not worry about the mistakes of yesterday and letting them just float away on the dreams we enjoyed in our rest. Knowing that today we have the chance to make good on our promises and amends that may be needed; knowing that God works all things out for those who love him and move in his purpose for their lives.

We begin anew with a promise from God. As we take in that first breath of the day and exhale a prayer of thanks and honor and praise.

And we rise again, refreshed to begin … not worried about the door that closed behind our resting eyes in the night … to walk through that open door …

Breathing in the fresh, salty breeze and the coffee brewing ( I drink tea, but still enjoy the aroma of the Hubs coffee brewing, it just means happy morning!)  … all the wonderful beauty of a fresh and clean day;

We begin … anew.


Good morning!

It’s nice to meet you here in the small hours of the day. I invite you, again, to join us in this writer’s flash mob.

How will you begin?

This has been a 5 minute post!

This has been a 5 minute post!