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Here we are again. Friday. Five minutes of free, from the heart, honest and unchecked writing. FMF has a new home and everyone is welcome. Follow this:

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The Prompt today: Fill … Go!

I strive today to fill my heart with the word of God; while life is attempting to fill it with fear!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

I continue to fill my heart and mind and spirit with this scripture today … You see The Hubs ran a fever again Wednesday night and Thursday; with this new chemo regime it seems that 2 weeks after the treatment he runs a fever forĀ  a day or two. But with this one his back hurts a LOT; worse than ever, he says. So I start praying; keeping the fear at bay, because we know he is healed! The lung is open and working, for the most part everything is good.

So because one of the poisons they use to kill this cancer requires us to call if he has back pain I called. The “on call” doctor asked the most frightening question since this all started almost a year ago … “Has the cancer moved to his bones?” My body went numb from the infill of fear and my mind screamed as I, somehow calmly, said no, there’s been no indication that anything like that has happened. And she went on to offer a strong narcotic for the pain, which The Hubs refused, because it couldn’t be called in … we’ll get it Monday, he said, when we’re there for chemo, if I still need it.

Oh, Lord I believe, help me overcome my unbelief! Mark 9:24. I like the NIV … it reminds me that when I fill myself with the Word of God I overcome!

So today I fill myself with affirmations … I went to my meeting with my ladies where we are doing a bible study on the Grace of God – one of Joyce Meyers books.

I un-filled my anger and fear by sharing it with the girls and we discussed it and the teaching helped immensely.

You see, it’s all about what we fill ourselves with and it’s a choice with each circumstance.

Am I going to fill my heart, mind and spirit with what the world says or am I going to be diligent and obedient and fill myself to overflowing with what God says?

I look at it this way … the Lord dwells within me and the world cannot fit in there with Him … So I say Lord fill me today with your Spirit and allow that YOUR Spirit to overfill me to overflowing so that others who might be experiencing what I am experiencing will know they are not alone today and that there is rescue and rest in You, Father.


So I ask you today … what are you filling yourself with? I encourage you to comment here and let me know, maybe we can help one another stay filled with the Light of His Word.

My Heart

My Heart