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Whisper a little prayer …

When I saw this prompt for Five Minute Friday my first thought {like on Tuesday @ 10} was a song; but this one I found, because it came immediately to my mind singing.


So here we are again … Five Minute Friday, where 100s of bloggers write from there hearts with abandon. No worries, no edits and no rewrites. Just five minutes from one heart to another without self criticism. After all we all write about the good, the bad, and the ugly of our journeys … so what does it manner if sentence structure or syntax is perfect, just this once. Sometimes, most times really, what comes from the heart is raw and jaggedly beautiful in it’s honesty!

So write with us … tell us your heart in 5 minutes … we will not criticize or critique … we will just encourage and join you in prayer and recognize your feelings as having been or actually being as ours are at this moment.

So here goes nothing, again!

[whisper]  go …

Like I said this song rose in me … Dedicated to the One I Love by The Mamas and The Papas.

Each night before you go to bed, my baby,
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby.
And tell all the stars above
This is dedicated to the one I love.

But the words change … Each night before I go to bed, my baby … I whisper a little prayer for you, my baby … because that is where my heart is.

Each night, each day, continually, I whisper prayers.

For The Hubs. The blood transfusion has not helped with his stamina and he still feels weak and frustrated by the lack of energy. We talked about it last night. All of it. His desire to stop the treatments after the next round. And I whisper a prayer, trying not to be manipulative with God, that The Hubs may change his mind.

He shares with me that he’s not so sure the cancer is killing him, but he’s sure the chemo is. That’s a big thing! So I whisper a prayer that God make me strong; because while quitting the treatments is frightening, the alternative is just as daunting. A vicious circle from hell really.

But God … He’s bigger than that circle. He says I don’t have to worry about that circle … as I listen to His still small voice, I know that HE IS GOD.

I whisper a little prayer for you, my baby …

I whisper prayers for my boys …

For my youngest and his battle over addiction. I pray that God instill in him the need for assistance along this path of sobriety. I whisper prayers each morning that he is alive, because something is going on and I know what I am seeing but cannot do anything about it. This disease is killing him and he has to choose … no medicine to make him feel weak and lifeless [his drug does that!] … no radiation to burn out this cancer … and addiction is the deadliest cancer!

So I whisper prayers … with tears and heartache … I whisper for life and life more abundant, knowing that it is ours and I trust.

Sometimes I trust in whispers to Father … sometimes I shout, but lately it’s simple whispered prayers dedicated to the one’s I love.