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What’s on the horizon now that the 31 day writing challenge is over?

It’s been a quiet day here. A time to get some house chores and projects under our belts. And through it all I felt like something was missing! All productive, yet not as productive as I felt I should be.

Thinking to myself … “Ease up lady, you’re always so busy! You’re always on The Hubs to just take a day to relax! Just relax!” Then it dawns on me, like a bolt of lightening, I’m not mulling over what I’m going to write today. What scripture I’m going to get into me and share to get into you about our journey to healing!

The 31 day write is over and I find that the urge to write remains;  though through those 31 that urge felt almost like a burden. Oh, how we sometimes take our God given callings and talents for granted, almost begrudgingly.

Shame on me!

That said I have some news!

I’ve been invited by Karen Beth over at Finding the Grace Within to admin the Facebook page for her Tuesday at Ten writing prompt and link-up. Check out the ins and outs for this weekly group and join us ….

Tuesday @ Ten

Tuesday @ Ten

What else? Oh! I’ve been reading some of your blog posts … your dailies and those from the 31 days challenge! Some amazing writers!

I’ve been adding those that resonate, speak and just plain entertained me to my 31 days bloggers – you gotta read page! Check it out! Though I’m not quite finished with it yet. 😉

keep calm blog

And lastly, but not leastly … =) If you’re doing what I’m doing and leisurely checking out everyone’s offerings from the 31 day challenge, let me know what you think of mine! I certainly got what I sought to get from this challenge and much more; including bonding with some of the other bloggers I was able to read during the challenge, even if they are yet aware of that bonding. LOL!

31 Days Journey to Healing

31 Days Journey to Healing

So there it is … I plan on continuing with FMF and definitely Tuesday @ Ten’s prompts to keep the writing juices flowing!

Thanks for reading! Blessings to you.