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One lovely blog award

How cool is this?!
Reblogging to check out the amazing links and to reciprocate. ❤
Thank you Helen!


Thanks Britney and thanks Charlotte for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

It made my day when I saw the nominations: thank you so much!

OK, here goes:

7 facts about me:

1. Taxi Driver and It’s a Wonderful Life are my two favourite films. Fight Club and Amelie are serious contendersAs are Avanti and Big Night. 

2. I make a mean paella [and love cooking, in general]. I’m already compiling contenders for my ’52 cakes in 2015′ list (I usually make a new-to-us cake every week every year (YUM!) – here are some of the 2015 contenders!)

3. I can whistle without moving my lips. It’s really cool. I used to do it on the tube and chuckle secretly to myself as everyone started to look around, wondering who the whistler was!

4. I love flamenco music and secretly really want to learn how to flamenco…

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