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Finding my Grateful When Life is Difficult | A Tuesday at Ten Post


God,  Thank you. Love, Me.

Thank you.
Love, Me.

It’s Tuesday at Ten time! And Karen’s prompt is right on time and right on the money, again!

Really, what am I grateful for … so very much!

Life is difficult here in Hutchland, and probably in your life too! Yet I remain grateful, even if I have to be reminded to count my blessings in the moment of challenge, for this life we have.

So how do I find my Grateful in times of difficulty? Here’s the story of how I keep my gratitude in order.

Like yesterday ….

I didn’t think I’d be doing much of anything today. I am tired and not feeling great after yesterday’s medical appointment adventure day! It really was a long day, with some hiccups in what we expected to be the plan, and the outcomes of the day.

Feeling great, and optimistic, when we started out on what we knew was going to be an extended day, turned into information we weren’t expecting, tests and retests and then a long drive home in quiet reflection!

LOL! Quiet reflection! Oh! I am so grateful for the humor we enjoy in this relationship of our, The Hubs and I. Somewhere along the line in our travels back and forth to appointments and chemo and radiation we saw or heard a commercial, or in a movie, that basically ended in one of the characters saying, “from now on the car will be a place of silent reflection.” So the thought of that just cracks us up!

Anyway! Back to grateful!

I’ve had several kinds of “counseling” since about the age of 19. Due to family issues, abuses and neglects in my life. From childhood and far into my adulthood. But the one form of counseling that has had the most effect on my true healing is a simple AA Beginners Learning to Live group and Step Meetings with women who think like I do and incorporates a LOT of God into it.

Over the years I have been grateful to find that AA is actually based on Christian counseling methods! It’s developed, over time, to incorporate all beliefs, but it has never denied it’s Christians roots.

The Higher Power is defined as God in all the literature. =)

All that said, I have learned, from constant consistency from my sponsor, that when I get in a REALLY bad way I need to make a GRATITUDE List.

Not too different from the guidance of the bible and probably originating there:

Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. Colossians 3:16
( I have found in my studies of scripture that many of the most profound messages in the bible are in [fill in your bible book here], chapter 3 and verse 16. Seriously, has anyone else noticed this? God surely makes these things so easy for us to find!)

Gratitude … on Facebook I’ve seen, lately, the encouragement of picking and challenging friends to 5 or 7 days of posting what they are grateful/thankful for. I’ve also noticed, among my list of friends, that if one is having a hard time or has slipped into a negative rut they are especially encouraged to write this new form of the Gratitude List. What I like about that is that it makes me feel accountable to others around me.

After all I’m supposed to be shining my light and showing those around me Jesus. Well it’s hard to do that when I am overwhelmed with the world or my current circumstances. It’s hard for anyone. I have a friend on Facebook, who over the years, I have become very close to. She could be my daughter. Usually a very happy and positive lady, she’s been having a hard time with the world around her. She even made this evident this morning. Her words broke my heart for her. ” Stick a fork in me, I’m done and it really doesn’t take much these days especially in a world where you constantly being shown how worthless you are. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for SO much… it’s the rest of it I’m absolutely choking on. HAPPY MONDAY POSITIVE PEEPS!”. I began to pray for her relief from her pain. This lady will soon be back to her wonderful positive self; but it’s so evident how all of a sudden when a tragedy crops up we truly see the world as the fallen place that it is!

This life is not easy, but as humans I think we begin a slow amnesiac type of tolerance to what’s around us; and until something makes those things that we think to be important the small things that they truly are we are unable to remember what is important and to count those amazing everyday blessings that fill our lives!

But! I’ve been taught by my God and my relentless friends of like mind that that is EXACTLY the time to write that list.

A very dear friend, mentor and powerhouse in the Ministry of Prayer, reminds me and encourages me too, in this. I must say, my mentors and friends really do cause me to be so thankful to God for putting them in my life!

I have also come to see my gratitude list as a prayer of sorts, for the day or for the crisis at hand. =)

Further Instructions: Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

They say:

Just get to it! Write that list of what you are thankful for! Count those blessings! Pray! It changes one’s attitude immediately! It works!

Well it must work, it works for me. It’s guidance from the bible and from any good counselor!

So, what am I grateful for today? After yesterday and the Monday before? Here goes … 10 things I’m grateful for this week, today:

My Gratitude List

1. Those who take the time to remind me to count my blessings. Today I must thank Karen for this, and Margie, who has been doing this for over a week with me, reminding and praying for and with me.

2. That God is our healer, not the doctors.

3. That The Hubs let me know what he thought on that. He said, “It’s ok. God heals me, not the doctors or the chemo!” So grateful for his sharing how he thinks about these things! That said …

4. For good doctors and specialists.

5. That 6 weeks out, The Hubs remains in good health!

6. I am eternally grateful that God made me smart enough to realize His choice for a husband for me almost 26 years ago!

7. I am grateful for God’s faith working in me. It is my stay and fortress.

8. My crazy and odd family!

9. For my Dachshunds and the Cats that remain. Always there and always faithful!

and lastly but never leastly …

10. For this blessed life that God has provided for us here in Hutchland!

Finding the grateful in the roughness of this life is not always an easy task, but I promise you, my sweet readers, that when practiced it has a profoundly positive affect on you, your attitude and ultimately the world around you! I encourage you to join us all at Tuesday at Ten and begin that Gratitude List of yours! We are all here on the same journey. We might be at different legs of the journey but I, for one, am grateful that you are here with me and I am not alone on the path.

Blessings to YOU and thanks for reading.


Tuesday @ Ten

Tuesday @ Ten

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11 thoughts on “Finding my Grateful When Life is Difficult | A Tuesday at Ten Post

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey of gratitude. I know I sometimes need a middle of the day stinky attitude adjustment. I need to sit down and start writing a list of all the things that I have to be thankful for. I hope you have a lovely day! I am stopping by from Tuesdays at 10.

  2. Making a list of things I am thankful for has been surely helpful in improving my outlook drastically. “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

  3. I so agree about the lists – sometimes mine are just in my head. I get that stinkin’ attitude and stop and pause and think of all I am grateful for. I don’t like the cold weather today, but oh I’m so thankful for the heat, a warm home and even though it’s cold I’ve sit here blogging with my gingerbread coffee this morning and looked out at the beautiful frost and the leaves dancing across the yard. I also read something this morning I shared with my Bible study group because we are called “Salt and Light” – “We should not ask, “What is wrong with the world?” —
    for that diagnosis has already been given.
    Rather, we should ask,
    “What has happened to the salt and light?”
    ~ John Stott, The Message of the Sermon on the Mount
    We have to be the light even when we don’t want to, even when our hearts are hurting, when we are devastated. Been there many times and last year losing my Mom and then having our only grandchild born with a horrible disease called EB. Through it all I have to be grateful – grateful Mom is no longer suffering, grateful that God has apparently given our grandson a gene that is fighting the EB because one of the genes the gene testing could not identify. I had prayed when we found out what he had, that God would give him a good gene to fight it. He has the lightest case we have heard of.
    So sorry you are going through the cancer treatment with your hubby. Just stopped to pray for you as you walk through this.

    • Thank you so much, Debbie. For stopping by and reading and especially the prayers. I will be praying for your boy! All I can do is pray and know that God has a plan and when I forget … count those blessings.
      Have a great day!

  4. This was an amazing write up on being GRATEFUL! I love your list and I know its hard to be grateful at times when you see struggle around you! I know so much about how hard being grateful is around struggle. I like that you make a list when your going through struggle.. I think that almost equals to turning on the light when its dark in the room!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Grateful! I am grateful for you as well … you are a special friend who really helps me to see God a little clearer and for that I am grateful!


    • Thank you Karen. I cherish our new friendship too! I so agree that grateful is so hard to do when things are hard … it’s a discipline that took me years (and I still struggle with today … last Monday was a struggle, and the prompt brought it right out of me!) to be consistent with! And I loved your comparing it to turning on the light in a dark room! So apropos!

  5. Love your post (I’ve just written about something similar for the TAT prompt).

  6. Very heartfelt post. I am sorry to hear that you have another difficult situation that you are dealing with. I am grateful that our paths have crossed along this journey.

    • Thank you.
      Yes, there are a few issues we deal with here in Hutchland, but as hard as it is sometimes, care taking is one of my callings, and God gave me the gift of being able with the tough love. And going to meeting to deal with my “behavioral” issues from being raised in a mentally challenged and addiction ridden household surely helps. It was in an AA meeting my father was court ordered to that I realized that I identified with their life issues … it’s helped and I learned to deal with the issues of my boy, that weren’t even an issue at the start. So with a firm foundation of God and the training of people who had to learn how to live I got well. And now God uses that. I think we will be great friends on this journey, you and I. And I am grateful to God for that.

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