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Faith is Everything.

My faith is everything. I could and would not have survived the events of my life without it.

The level of loss I’ve endured is immeasurable. It cannot be put into words or placed on a time table. Once grief takes hold, and believe me it holds tight, it eventually becomes apart of you. It has a life of its own. Mine resides in my heart wrapped in my hope and faith.

The faith that our Father will, always to my well-being. The hope that one day I will be with my beloved husband and son again.

Faith that with Jesus by my side I live. Because without Him I would disintegrate into ash. The dust I came from.

Yes. Faith is everything.

A strong tower and fortress. Rest for the weary of body and spirit. Life in the shadow of death.

Faith is the light. The sun on my face, His breath in my lungs, the beat of a broken heart that continues to beat.