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P#1 Light and Strength |Hiding Psalm 27 in My Heart






Ok … the last time I did this, many years ago, I think 2009, I was pretty good at it. Let’s see. I’m going to type out this Scripture verse referencing only the memorization tool, if I need it.

T L i m l a m s;
W s I f?
T L i t s o m l;
O w s I b a?

Here I  go ….

The Lord is my light and my strength; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

Yaaayyy! Love this tool! You can find a link to it on my intro page for this challenge, found at the top, or on the side bar labeled A.Hutchinson Pages. =)

That said, this particular verse means a lot to me.

When I’m in a bad place, and frequently in the last year and few months I’ve been there, I look to God to fight my battles. Why?

Well because scripture tells me too.

Exodus 14:14 is a verse I memorized early in my relationship with Father and Holy Spirit, before encountering these challenges that assist us in hiding God’s word in our hearts! ❤

The Lord will fight for me and I will keep my peace.

Psalm 27:1 brings me to this early (and continued) go to verse for me.

Holy Spirit is my light and God is my strength. I am never alone in a battle! NEVER. They are always there guiding and protecting me, and YOU.

This verse is a psalm of David, expressing His confidence in His God. David held very intimate communion with God and David was very human! A man after God’s own heart, by God’s own word. One can see David’s transparent human-ness in the stories about him throughout the Old Testament.

Very much like us, when David got himself into hot water, or was battling a rough patch in life or war, he went straight to God. Exactly what God is desiring us to do. I mean, read the stories, David messes up, runs to God and God rescues him.


Though, not without consequence. We must expect the consequences of our actions; though when the battle is not of our making, like my husbands battle with cancer, we can expect rescue. Of course this rescue will be according to God’s will and timing. And like David, we must learn to rely upon that, though it may tarry.

Like David, I run to God and He faithfully is my strength and fortress through my rough spots in this life. And while God fights for me, Holy Spirit is right there, in the beating of my heart, bringing me the guidance and comfort that I, we, need. And I get to rest in the peace of my Salvation and the promises of God.

What a blessing.

So what does this Scripture verse speak to you? I’d love you to share that with us. Just drop me a comment, or follow the link on the side bar and join us in the challenge! Some versions of the bible say: The Lord is my light and my salvation! How cool is that.

While doing this challenge in your favorite version of the bible I encourage you to check out other versions of each verse … that particular study can be very enlightening.

Thanks for reading. Check back Monday as we begin to add verse 2 to the memorization!


2 thoughts on “P#1 Light and Strength |Hiding Psalm 27 in My Heart

  1. “Holy Spirit is my light and God is my strength. I am never alone in a battle! NEVER.”
    Such strong words and such TRUE words. Thank you for this, Andrea. Praying for your husband’s health…

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