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P#4 Hiding His Word – Psalm 27 {Linking up at Do Not Depart}

Hiding-Psalm-27-in-My-Heart_DoNotDepart My memorization of Psalm 27 is going okay. This last 2 weeks have been busy with the holiday and with illness and pet            appointments, but Psalm 27 is a great way to walk through this storm in our lives.

Lisa Burgess, in the Facebook group, asked what tips we had to Do and NOT to Do when it came to memorization. I thought about this and there are a few things I’ve found over the years that I need to avoid and do.

1. Don’t procrastinate! Don’t put it off until tomorrow, or worse pile it up with next week’s verse.

I find when things get busy around here I want to say, “forget it, I’ll do it next week.” Well, for me, next week never comes! I’ve been doing these memorization challenges for a few years and I’ve found a few (one) tool that gets me through it (the link is in the first few posts.) and then there is my photography art … I LOVE putting scriptures to photos.

273And of course, there’s my blogging.

Just two of those gifts from Father God!

2. Remember! As you memorize each new verse … run through them together each day, in order, obviously. For me this helps me to get the scripture in as a whole, not just a verse each week. I want to be able to bring this Scripture, in it’s entirety, to mind for prayer and ministry! It has always amazed me when preachers or others, like The Hubs, are able to just recite Scripture in a sermon or teaching without ever looking to the Book!

3. Know! We know that we can eek out five or ten minutes in our day to go to God’s Word. We need to be doing this for ourselves, not just for the memorization challenge, anyway. Add the verse you’re memorizing to your prayer and devotion time each day. Do a word study with the verse. For me, I’ve put away my devotionals for the most part and use the weeks verse in place of them. Don’t get me wrong. Psalm 27:3 isn’t the only Bible I’m getting this week … but even if it was, God’s Word is enough, even just a little bit!

4. Choose. a version of the bible you understand and ENJOY. Personally I LOVE the poetry/sing-songy prose of the New King James Version, I find it simply beautiful. It may not be the most accurate version of the bible, but I’m well studied and know where to get the LETTER of the Word correctly. And as a writer I am adept at understanding the NKJ version. And it doesn’t hurt that the NKJ version is the first version of the Word to come alive to me.

*For me, this point is most important, if you don’t resonate with the version you are reading it’s very hard to bury it in your heart.

5. Be Kind! to yourself. No one is here to compete with you, we are doing this WITH you and your pace is okay! This memorization challenge is a challenge not a competition. Don’t beat yourself up or compare yourself to others in the group. Some of us are not even memorizing the same verse! This is between each of us and God; and in God’s timing.

It’s about getting to know God and deepening our relationship with Him. You and He have a pace for that, and it is good.

Here’s my test for verse 3

T a a m e a m, [Though an army may encamp against me,]
M h s n f; [My heart shall not fear;]
T w m r a m, [Though war may rage  rise against me,]
I t I w b c. [I this I will be confident.]

Well those are my tips. I’m going to leave you with a list of my previous posts here, for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Intro to Psalm 27 Memorization Challenge

P#1 Light and Strength

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And this post is #4 – Hiding His Word – Link Up.

Thanks for stopping by to read. Blessings to you.


4 thoughts on “P#4 Hiding His Word – Psalm 27 {Linking up at Do Not Depart}

  1. Andrea, thank you for sharing these tips. I, too, find that it is necessary for me to not just focus on the one verse, but adding it to what I’ve already learned helps everything to flow so much easier in my mind. I also love your reminder that this is a challenge not a competition. Thanks again for sharing here how you memorize God’s Word.

  2. I’m so glad you took on the challenge of sharing with us what works for you. These kinds of tips are always so helpful to us, no matter if we’ve been memorizing a long time or just starting. The one you list first–Don’t procrastinate–is probably #1 for me. Just do it. Thanks, Andrea, for linking up!

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